French court forces Google and French ISPs to block content

written by: Richard Kastelein

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shutterstock 87880246On the basis of a decision that was made ​​November 28, 2013 by the Tribunal de Grande Instance of Paris, the court has forced all French Internet service providers to take "all appropriate measures to prevent access from French territory" on a number of websites providing Internet users with illegal content streaming and suppliers. But not just ISP's - also search engines must also take "all appropriate measures to prevent their services on the occurrence of any reply and any results" referring to the results pages.

However, this decision concerns only streaming sites, not peer-to-peer platforms such as Bittorrent.

Sites like Alloshowtv, Dpstream, Allostreaming or Fifostream and all associated sites will be blocked. All these measures should be implemented without delay and no later than 15 days after service of the decision and for a period of one year after the implementation of the measures stated in court. Dpstream was visited two million times in September.

This opportunity will provide extremely fast binding decisions against offending companies but still require a court to apply.

The first request for blocking streaming sites was submitted to the courts in December 2011 by the National Federation of Film Distributors, the Union of Publishers of Digital Video (SEVN), the Association of film producers and the Union producers independent and the Union of Film Producers.

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