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Richard Kastelein

Richard Kastelein is the founder of TV Hackfest London and San Francisco and publisher of TV Appmarket. An award winning publisher and futurist, Kastelein has guest lectured at MIT Media Labs and has helped broadcasters such as the BBC, NPO, RTL, Eurosport, NBCU, ITV, and others with media convergence strategies. He sailed around the world in his 20's spending ten years in the Caribbean working in print media and the boating industry as a professional sailor before returning to Europe where he now lives in The Netherlands and works with various startups via his extensive global network. 

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Gianluigi Cuccureddu

Gianluigi Cuccureddu SMP is the co-founder of Damarque. Damarque helps organizations boost their performance and results through consulting, training and coaching services aimed at improving the organization's engagement of its key stakeholder groups: employees, customers, suppliers and other key business partners.  Hook up with him at Linkedin.

Richard Gale

Richard Gale is a senior marketing executive focussed on the acquisition, retention and reengagement of consumers in the entertainment industry, through merging direct response strategies with building long term brand value .Former gigs include Brand Director - The Sun, News International and Director of European Marketing & Sales at Playboy.Hook up with him at Linked.

John Hill

John Hill is a writer with Newcastle-based Screach. Screach has developed a platform that allows you to interact with digital screens around you using your smartphone. It is currently working with UK and US partners in TV, radio, Digital Out Of Home and in venues from pubs and bars to stadiums and shopping centres. Hook up with him on Linkedin.

Paul Johnson

Paul specialises in media product & operations design and delivery. A n inventor with 15 years delivering innovation and growth to brands such as LOVEFiLM, BSkyB, BBC, ESPN and HiT Entertainment. Passionate about the future of TV, second screen, & consumer engagement, he has shaped unique perspectives on this emerging landscape and the impacts it is having on consumer behaviours. Editor at and is a regular speaker and chair at International events. Hook up with Paul on Linkedin.

Pooky Amsterdam

Pooky Amsterdam is the founder of Pooky Media and works in Video and product development promoting brand entertainment in the virtual web. She is an originator and visionary on the virtual plane par excellence, a producer, Director, and Writer - and is host of The 1st Question and The Dating Casino in Second Life.  Her company, Pooky Media is a well-recognised Second Life Solution Provider offering branding, sponsorship and advertising opportunities through affiliation with her programming and she uses Machinima to create compelling video which creates persistent advertising for delivering excellent ROI... where edge-of-your-seat marketing happens in an emerging area where the intimate nature of one2one sales, education and edification flourishes. Hook up with her at LinkedIn.

Emma Wells

Emma Wells is marketing executive and blogger at TV Genius (, a TV recommendations and search software company. Having worked in the tech industry since 2008, she is new to the TV industry, and enjoying learning the ropes- while taking her blog readers along for the ride. Hook up with her Linkedin.

Tom McDonnell

Tom McDonnall is a former games developer, and now focused on re-inventing the TV business model and monetizing active audiences as Commercial Director for leading Social TV production company, Monterosa in the UK. He also maintains a creative steering role, innovating how the company integrates connected users with 'traditional' content. Tom speaks regularly at conferences in the UK and internationally – recently he spoke at MIPTV, IBC, Edinburgh Interactive and Facebook Garage events. Hook up with him at  Linkedin.

Adriana Hamacher

Highly skilled web editor, broadcast journalist and award winning writer. Particularly fascinated in the future of TV, the Internet, Information Architecture, robotics and autonomous systems. Broad media experience including:

  • BBC Television and Radio: producing, editing and writing for foreign news and human interest programmes, features and bulletins; studio producing and presenting music and youth programmes.
  • Seasoned Web Content Editor, with extensive experience of Open Source Content Management Systems for B2B and B2C.
  • Awarded IPC Feature Writer of the Year 1990 - in competition with journalists and writers from 100+ publications.
  • Huge subject range: from business, science and technology to Africa and the Far East. Multi media pro, with ability to take projects from research stage, through to shooting, directing and editing for transmission on the web.
  • High profile interviewees include legendary sci-fi writer Stanislaw Lem (Discovery Channel), British artist Mark Quinn (Mentorn TV feature) and techno wizards, the Prodigy (Mixmag Feature).

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Vijay Kailas

Vijay Kailas is co-founder of Numote, a socially-enabled platform for adding an interactive layer to television content. Vijay's research on the disruption of the television Industry at Havard Graduate School of Design lead to the formation of Numote.

At Numote, he has worked with multiple service operators (MSOs), television networks, and television manufactures to re-envision television viewing as a personal and social experience. The Numote platform has won several honors including the Samsung Free the TV Challenge People's Choice Award and Honorable Mention and is used by TV networks in South America and Europe. Hook up with him atLinkedin.

Sarah Louise DeLuca

Sarah Louise DeLuca is a 2010 graduate of the S.I. Newhouse School of Communications at Syracuse University. She is a millennial seeking to revolutionize broadcast TV with interactive programming.

Sarah Louise recently launched her own website ( where she writes about social TV and the synchronization of content with fragmented devices. She has experience in television production and has worked on the set of a soap opera, assisted in non-fiction series proposals to networks and engaged in psychological research studies to improve narrative resonance for a pre-school animated program. She closely follows interactive services that complement linear TV by promoting discovery, encouraging emotional connections and satisfying curiosity. Hook up with her on Linkedin.

Jeroen Elfferich

Jeroen Elfferich studied Artificial Intelligence and Sociology and, aged 20, co-founded web developer NetlinQ in 1995. As CTO he helped to grow the company to over 200 employees when it was acquired by Framfab (now LBi Group) in 2000. A year later, he co-founded Ex Machina, where he currently serves as CEO. Jeroen has been working on online gaming technology since 1998 and mobile since 2001.

His interest is in synchronous, social and interactive entertainment across mobile, web and TV. Ex Machina is headquartered in Amsterdam and has small offices in London and San Francisco. Ex Machina works with media and games companies such as Fremantle, Talpa, RTL, ProSiebenSat.1, Microsoft Xbox, EA, VRT, VPRO, MTV3 and Bonnier. Its platform for large scale, real time and synchronous interaction around TV and events is called PlayToTV. Hook up with him at Linkedin.

Ben Schwarz

Ben Schwarz created "CTO innovation Consulting" in 2008 bringing his unique expertise to Content owners, Technology companies and network Operators around the world. He gets involved with Strategy & Business Modelling, Deployment and Quality of Experience. At Orange he ran R&D programs and int'l IPTV deployments . He was often spokesman for Orange.

Ben was CTO of an Internet music start-up during the bubble. Previously he spent 10 years in IT with Logica-CMG. You can bump into him at conferences where he is often speaker or chairman. Hook up with him in Paris where he lives or on LinkedIn, twitter @nebul2 or by email (bs AT

Zachary Weiner

Zachary Weiner is the creator and incubator of several marketing consultancies that span the boundaries of the digital ecosystem.

Currently his days are spent with CTV Advertising, a digital consultancy and marketing service provider that seeks to exclusively focus on the Connected TV platform as well as second screen methodology. He is also the Co-Founder of the Connected TV Marketing Association and a frequent media resource. Hook up with him at Linkedin.

Derk de Geus

Derk de Geus  is a 28-year old guy from The Netherlands, living in The Hague with his girlfriend and cat. He still has to decide whether he is an art & design hippie, a tech junkie or an entrepreneur.

By running a game studio he gets to play around and pretend to be all three of them, so he leaves it at that for now. Derk co-founded Paladin Studios, an independent game studio. He currently runs the business and is creative director for Paladin’s games. He is responsible for strategy, marketing, sales, creative direction and product management. In addition he occasionally waters the plants and is the public face of the studio. Hook up with him at Linkedin.

Ben Hookway

Ben Hookway - In early 2009 he became CEO of Vidiactive, bringing elegant consumer experiences to web video by joining up the use of multiple devices. And he oversaw the company as it navigated the emerging IPTV market, raising funding and packing the core technology and IP for an exit.

Currently he is a consultant to VC funds, act as VP Business Development for Isis Forensics, and work with emerging and established technology business and co-founder and advisor to TechHub Manchester, a technology startup co-working space which helps startups get better faster though mentoring, the right introductions and peer support. Hook up with him on Linkedin.

Nicolas Bry

Nicolas Bry worked for strategic consulting firm Braxton and then joined SFR Cegetel as Broadband Marketing Manager where he launched the first alternative ADSL offering in 2000. Immersed in digital services since its beginnings, he joined Club-Internet, where as Chief Marketing Officer he specifically worked across television on demand and completed the first worldwide deployment of Microsoft’s TV service in 2005, launching the next-generation VOD service in 2008.

Nicolas now works at Orange Vallée, a new entity dedicated to rapid innovation and heads various projects in Television and Social Networking. He holds a Masters in Telecommunications from French Grande Ecole Supelec and an Executive Masters from HEC Business School and is a regular speaker on the Hi-tech Marketing Masters Course of the EM Lyon Business School and at IPTV Forum. Hook up with him at Linkedin.

Simon Staffans

Simon Staffans is a designer for cross- and transmedia projects with more than 20 years of experience in the media industry becoming a format developer in 2005 at MediaCity Finland. His first format, a cross media children's language learning game show in space, called “The Space Trainees“, was nominated for an Emmy in 2010 and won an International E-Learning Award the same year.  He enjoys telling great stories in new ways, together with the audience. Hook up with him at Linkedin.

Stef van der Ziel

Stef van der Ziel is an entrepreneur and inventor. Van der Ziel is a streaming media and CDN veteran and innovator. In 1994 at age 21 he was one of the first pioneers in webcasting. In 1996 he managed to overload the Internet with massive live webcasts. Van der Ziel was one of the first to recognize the power of the Internet and its potential to liberate and revolutionize broadcasting.

He also identified scalability and reliability challenges. To solve these, van der Ziel invented advanced streaming media focused content delivery technologies in the mid and late nineties. In 2002 Stef van der Ziel wanted to further design, commercialize and market his technologies and founded Jet-Stream which today is the market leader for CDN intelligence, CDN technology innovation and CDN technologies licensing for mobile operators, broadband access providers, telecom operators, broadcasters, carriers and cable operators. 

In 2004 Stef van der Ziel also founded StreamZilla, Europe's leading streaming media CDN that delivers billions premium mobile, web and OTT streams for hundreds of professional content owners including leading brands in sports, broadcasting, enterprises, publishing, video production and studios. Hook up with Stef on Linkedin.

Steve Godman

Steve Godman is Commercial Director, Brands Media and Agencies, at IMI Mobile. With a 20 year career in sales and for 12 specializing in sales and marketing of digital platforms, media and technology solutions. Held sales, senior sales and senior management positions. Contract negotiation, developing new revenue streams and a track record for delivering business solutions that really work for my customers. Bottom line, 20 years in direct sales, management and business development leadership in startups across digital media, marketing and technology spectrum. Hook up with Steve on Linkedin.

Mark Sorrell

Mark Sorrell has spent the last decade being 'the games guy' at various production houses and broadcasters, attempting to explain the wonders of games to TV executives. Equal parts creative and commercial minded, Sorrell has been responsible for some tremendously interesting and innovative projects, including asynchronous play-along Facebook TV show Scoreboard, the entirely 2-screen Dutch gameshow Intuitie and online, mass-multiplayer, pay-to-play quiz show, along with games for brands such as Scrabble, Ben 10 and Countdown. Currently working as Development Director at @hidingseeking follow him at @sorrell. Hook up with Mark on Linkedin.

Dick Rempt

Dick Rempt is a serial entrepreneur & company builder with a back ground in New Media and Venture Capital. He loves to discover and develop potential in people and businesses. Dick's specialty is building companies with business models creating competitive advantage. He's thrilled by the potential power of social media for brands to interact with their environment or 'brand community' Dick: 'We are just beginning to understand the potential power of social media for brands and media companies to really engage people long term. Companies and brands unable to master these new media are very likely to face tough times.' Dick is married, has 4 kids and lives in The Netherlands. Beware of his terrible jokes. Hook up with him on LinkedIn.

Arnold Waldstein

Arnold Waldstein is a business advisor, marketing consultant, blogger and executive coach living in New York City. Arnold works at the intersection of technology, entertainment and new markets and has been turning great ideas and new technology into global brands, consumer and enterprise products and services for 25 years.

By his count, he has two successful IPOs, over a dozen acquisitions, and innumerable fund raisings. He works in the tech, VC and media communities in the Bay Area, Los Angeles, New York and Europe. Arnold consults with clients, blogs and speaks on social media and commerce, Facebook and social platforms for businesses and brands, and the intersection of the real-time web, video and the TV marketplace. He is an avid wine aficionado and blogs on natural wines @ Hook up with him at Linkedin.

Ryan Daws

Passionate about Technology Journalism, with a flair for Telecoms and Developer News, Ryan is a tech writer for Six Degrees and host of [TEChBrits]. His specialties include Media Editing and Video Production, Live Hosting, Technology Speeches and IT Consultation. Hook up with him on Linkedin.

Colin Chong

canadianflagColin Chong is Head of Product at AppCarousel. He is experienced in product management, implementing marketing and communications strategies, industry research and analysis, new product development, and brick and mortar retailing. At AppCarousel, he is responsible for all aspects of developing, delivering, and support of carrier-grade products. Colin is co-founder of another startup, an avid traveler, and a keen life long learner. Hook up with him on LinkedIn.

Tom Bowers

Tom is owner of Connect Four Productions and interactive broadcast consultancy specialising in Convergent Format and Viewer Engagement solutions in TV, specifically the seamless amalgamation of dual screen technology and production editorial with format creation, project management and live on-air execution. Connect Four Productions are one of the main names in managing all audience interaction and engagement from voting, polling,social media integration and viewer engagement strategy with both existing and new formats. 

Connect Four have worked and conceptulised engagagement ideas on some of the largest volume engagement shows for prime time including Million Pound Drop, Got To Dance & The Voice UK. The Social Wall & Social Mosiac being the best examples on The Voice UK & Got To Dance where social media was used to really enhance the show editorial with the social media buzz around the show in an impactful and visual way.

Tom is also currently Creative Lead for Spredfast/Mass Relevance streamlining and creating the most appropriate Social TV ecosystem for broadcast in Europe.

Connect Four are also preferred partners with Mass Relevance

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Liz Morrell

What's the best job for a shopaholic and a writer? Being a retail journalist of course! But Liz also writes on Hackathons and the Applications scene. She is an experienced business and trade journalist and copywriter who has more than fifteen years experience in journalism but who has also written across a wide variety of other subjects too - from HR and security to property and financial technology. 

After starting her career in technology journalism she moved to Retail Week's newsdesk as fashion reporter on the magazine and over her 9 years on the magazine rose to become features editor in charge of all features and supplements for Retail Week. Currently she is based in Bristol and raising her family while freelancing for various publications around the world. 

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Ayala Shiftan
israeliflagAyala Shiftan has been the Director of New Business at 2013 – Present (1 year) * Overseeing Enterprise clients acquisition and integration into the SmartPay billing ecosystem * Expanding the company's strategic client base and corporate partnerships * Supervision of the company's marketing and branding strategy and operations
Chris Reynolds
As the Co-Founder of OneTwoSee Chris brings over 12 years of experience as a senior product and sales manager within the cable, broadcast and wireless industries, with recent positions at Comcast & Nokia/NAVTEQ. Prior to launching OneTwoSee Chris managed B2B and B2C web products for Navteq a wholly owned subsidiary of Nokia including,, and Chris graduated summa cum laude with BA in Film and Media Arts from Temple University, and MS in Organizational Dynamics from the University of Pennsylvania. Hook up with him on Linkedin.
Beth Principi
Beth Principi is currently a Media Strategist/Staff Writer at Emerging Insider Communications. She graduated from James Madison University with a B.S in Journalism before moving back to her hometown of Boston. Unintentionally seeking an even colder climate, Beth made the leap to Chicago where she now spends her days writing content for groundbreaking players in the Connected TV, Multiscreen Technologies and Advertising arenas. Hook up with her on Linkedin.
Peter Redford

Peter Redford is a veteran Silicon Valley technology CEO and Xerox PARC alumni. He has deep knowledge and experience in Internet television, the 2nd screen, VOD, advertising and IP licensing. Redford’s patents are licensed by most of the world’s biggest computer and media companies (including Sony, Intel, Microsoft, Samsung, Mattel and many others).

As the inventor of the 2nd screen concept and the technology behind it (in 1993), Redford is often referred to as the “Father of the 2nd screen.”

His development work was funded by Intel and NTT (Japan) and titled TVIQ, At the time, the 2nd screen (mobile device) acted as a touch-sensitive program guide and remote control for the 1st screen (TV), eventually evolving into what it is today. Redford’s other technology credits include all of the original patents for AutoPlay (used in DVDs, Blu-ray players and Microsoft Windows), the personal computer sound card (SoundBlaster), Flash, the LeapPad (most popular toy ever sold), one of the original patents for the graphical user interface (GUI, used in Windows), and all of the original patents for the AirPlay technology (used in Apple TV). Hook up with him on Linkedin.

Fernando F. Escudero

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