Pooky Amsterdam: Why Virtual World Television? It’s The Living Screen

written by: Pooky Amsterdam
Pooky Amsterdam: Why Virtual World Television? It’s The Living Screen
Recently I attended the DigitalMedia Summit at the McGraw Hill building in Manhattan. There was a lot of talk of “second screen,” the phenomenon of using your other personal smart devices to tell the world your personal 411. Along with an emphasis on bitcoin and online gambling, the search for how to engage an audience and where to monetize was key. At one panel one of the moderators, in responding to a question, admitted that he didn’t know what the next big thing would be. At that point I...


Machinima Interactive Film Festival 2013

written by: Richard Kastelein
Machinima Interactive Film Festival 2013
The Machinima Interactive Film Festival organised by and iam8bit, have just released a video on the upcoming 2013 event. The second annual event shines a light on the hard working filmmakers and animators at the forefront of this unprecedented cultural shift in online video media. YouTube has exploded with talent over the last few years and Machinima have been fortunate enough to be right there with it, forging new paths and being a part of the birth of a true media...


Spielberg To Make Halo Series for Microsoft’s new Xbox One

written by: Richard Kastelein
Spielberg To Make  Halo Series for Microsoft’s new Xbox One
Wired Magazine among other tech press covered the exciting news that renouned director Steven Spielberg is making Halo series for Microsoft’s new Xbox One. It's like Machinima on Steroids. Well, this is awesome news. When someone who is as much of a kid-at-heart as Spielberg is signed on to work on a show based on a videogame world, nothing but greatness can come of it. The series, which will be available on Xbox Live, will be produced in conjunction with the game’s developer 343 Industries....

Read more... Pushing into UK, and Commissioning New Content

written by: Richard Kastelein Pushing into UK, and Commissioning New Content
According to an Article in UK's Broadcast Now Magazine, has eyes on the UK market, and has plans to spend six-figure sums on original commissions. Philip DeBevoise has established a London office to grow the network in the UK. “We are part of the third revolution of video programming, a next generation TV network that is not on the broadcast or cable and satellite platforms, but on the internet. That gives us infinite shelf space and instant global reach,” he...


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