ScreenReach raises £500,000 for its Social TV Platform

written by: Richard Kastelein

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We reported on ScreenReach, creator of the Screach app last year when they launched... and it appears they have created enough buzz and built up their platform to entice some venture capital (VC) to the tune of half a million pounds.

Techcrunch has the story:

ScreenReach, maker of the Screach app and accompanying platform for creating interactive experiences on smartphones, has raised a second round of funding: £500,000 from Hotspur Capital Partners. This follows earlier investment from Tom Maxfield, a founder of Sage, shortly after ScreenReach graduated from the Difference Engine accelerator program. The new funds announced today will be used to “spearhead global growth”, says the Newcastle, UK-based company.

The Screach app – currently iPhone and Android – and ScreanReach platform is designed to make it easy for brands and developers to tie interactive smartphone experiences to other content, whether that be television programs, billboards and other digital signage. It uses its own XML-based development scripting language, known as ScreachXML, which promises a a write-once development process across multiple Screach-supported smartphone OSes.

As for the app itself, users enter a unique pin code to unlock those interactive two-way experiences such as games, quizzes etc., along with special offers and coupons. The app also uses the ‘check-in’ analogy along with awarding points and is able to track all of this interaction, therefore providing useful data to customers along the way. One target for the ScreenReach platform is broadcasters who want to offer a so-called third screen experience, something that we’re seeing organically anyway with the rise of Twitter. And in fact, the Screach app has the ability to push updates out to Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare. also noted that they were following on the heels of US Social TV check-in formats from Philo, Miso, Starling and Tunerfish and the UK company was rolling out an interactive TV and digital media platform that creates a real-time connection between content and consumers, but also claim to go far beyond just checkins.

Using an open platform called ScreachXML for their new product called Screach, it allows Creatives and Designers to build fully interactive Screach experiences for their customers at no cost and in a matter of hours. From live polling to gaming or quizzes, there are plenty of possibilities for immersive, relevant and fun experiences.

It isn’t an App; it’s a Super-App: download Screach once and open the door to endless rich, relevant, 2-way engaging experiences.

What can you do with Screach? Read more here.



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