ABC and Nielson To Bring Back Social TV Sync iPad App With Grey's Anatomy

written by: Richard Kastelein

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PaidContent is reporting today ABC will re-launch of its audio Sync iPad app, on the Apple App Store for it's popular show GreyÙs Anatomy. The app is powered by Nielsen's Media-Sync Platform, which uses audio watermarking to understand what is being played on TV and subsequently shift the second screen Social TV experience to syncronize with the show viewers are watching.

It was launched and tested last year with a new TV show called My Generation, which was then dumped due to poor ratings.

Andrew Wallenstein at Paidcontent covered the revival of the audio app here:

“We went back and said, ‘Let’s try this again with a show that we know is going to be around for a while,’” said Rick Mandler, vice president of digital media at ABC, on Friday at Hill Holliday’s TVnext conference.

Mandler didn’t specify if the Anatomy version of Sync will return with any new features, but is expected to bring back features that were part of Generation like polls and quizzes, as well as social-media tie-ins like Twitter to get conversations going. Sync worked with both live and DVR versions of program

And Cory Bergman at Lost Remote also picked up the story:

“I think we’ll have a better sense of synchronous applications on an iPad when we roll out the Grey’s Anatomy version,” said Rick Mandler, VP of Digital Media at ABC, adding that the My Generation app — with only two episodes — had very modest use. He said the effort so far is largely an experiment.

“We like the idea of building complementary content for our shows and engaging audiences in new ways, but it has to have a business model for it work for it to ultimately succeed, and that has yet to be seen,” he said at the TVNext conference in Boston (video). “Television is the big dog. All of these additional screens are in support of that television experience . We don’t want to interrupt people’s television experience. We want to enhance people’s television experience. That’s really key.” editor Gianluigi Cuccureddu covered the original release:

The interesting notion is that both players from inside and outside the TV industry are attempting a breakthrough in interactive television. The combination of audio watermarking, synchronized content and social media is new, being a different approach to crack the Social TV "mystery".

What Disney and Nielsen in essence are trying to achieve is a contextual enriched experience, that can have both an active or passive character. More and more market entrants in the TV space are adding these contextual techniques to enhance to experience of users, not only social elements are important, but relevant additional information (be it informative or commercial) will become an important part of the experience.

... And this writer covered the release that included some video.




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