MIPTV Content 360 Contest Open for Innovators in Transmedia, Social TV, TV and Mobile Apps and Connected TV

written by: Richard Kastelein

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Tens of thousands of euro in prize money and new bridges into the global content industry are now available for innovators working in the transmedia, Social TV, TV and Mobile Apps and Connected TV space with this year's Content 360 Digital Creativity Festival at MIPTV - and the deadline is coming soon - Monday, February 21st, 2011.

The four categories include:

              1. Rich media tablet and social TV apps
              2. Interactive & cross-media digital entertainment formats
              3. Smartphone App for Youth engagement
              4. Online & social games

Are you a world-class innovator in digital & interactive formats, mobile & TV apps or online & social games? Have you got the next, new cutting-edge social TV product that make you the next Steve Jobs... as Ynon Kreiz, CEO of the Endemol group asked recently?

"Everyone says that social television will be big. I think it's not going to be big — it's going to be huge," Ynon Kreiz, CEO of the Endemol group, the largest independent television production company in the world, told attendees at the Digital Life Design (DLD) conference this week.

"We think that social media meets television is the next big thing," he said. "The ability to create content that will enable people to interface with each other, to connect, to recommend, to share and experience over television, is going to change the landscape of the industry."

In fact, Kreiz encouraged people to "get up, leave this room" and run to their garages to get to work designing the future of social TV. "Whoever figures it out, will be the next Steve Jobs of this generation," he said.

Are you sitting on a Transmedia Storytelling format that takes the narrative into technologies and landscapes that have never been tapped into? Have you got the next Farmville (62 million users on Facebook) up your sleeve with a next generation Social Gaming experience that sets the next bar? Or are you a Generation X or Y that has you built the next great thing in terms of engaging Generation Z with a mobile app?

Then you should enter the Content 360 Digital Creativity Festival competitive showcase to pitch your newest concepts in audience engagement to the global TV & media industry at MIPTV 2011, 4-7 April in Cannes, France.

Both Wired Magazine and MIT Technology Review Note Social TV as a Game Changer in 2010

David Rowan, the Editor of Wired magazine has named Social TV at number three of six in his peek into 2011 and what tech trends to expect to get traction. Couple that with the MIT Technology Review tagging Social TV in the top 10 most important emerging technologies a few months ago and it seems we have both the tech press and academia in agreement. Social TV is a game changer - the intersection of TV and the Web will largely be driven by Social Media - it's natural. TV is inherently social - and Social Media is a conduit. Put them together in a workable, ergonomic way and the convergence will have impact.

There are 4 competition categories, open to any company or individual from all countries. For more information, visit the conference website.

The FremantleMedia category winner will be awarded €10,000 in funding to further development and jointly exploit the winning idea. The National Film Board of Canada category winner will also receive a €12,000 development contract.

All entrants will get tremendous global recognition at MIPTV, the worlds largest digital media and television event.

  • New deadline: Monday 21st February, 2011.
  • Pitching at MIPTV: April 4-7, 2011

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