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written by: Richard Kastelein

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Relatively new players on the Social TV block, IntoNow  is somewhat like Shazam for TV shows and  lets you check into a show you are watching by simply listening to the audio signature of the show and comparing that agaianst its database. They are not the first company to play in the audio recognition arena, but are certainly charging in hard in terms of a B2C proposition.

However, Techcrunch was not all that impressed -  and felt the app needed to flesh out more - and extend beyond audio fingerprinting and noted that:

The app has a high gee-whiz factor, and it really nails identifying the shows with one click. But there is not much to do after that other than see what shows your friends on the app have watched and leave a comment about their bad taste in TV shows.

Adam Cahan, IntoNow CEO, was recenly interviewed by WebProNews, and came up with some interesting statistics and points such as:

"...television programming takes up 62 percent of consumers' leisure time, which, besides sleeping and working, is the largest activity that people partake in. In addition, studies have shown that around 60 percent of people are also on the Internet while they are watching television.

For these reasons, the company wanted to create a way for users to be able to easily connect with their friends around the content that they are watching. The app does this by identifying television programs after only hearing a few seconds of them and the app allows users to look at their social connections, find out what they share in common, and start conversations around those areas of interest. For us, what was really exciting was the ability to establish those connections to say you and I both share the same show, and therefore, start a conversation around it."

"It's about getting recommendations and about getting a sense of your tastes, your friends' tastes, and then starting to come back to you with ideas around things that we think you should like," he said.

SoundPrint records 130 channels of live television continuously and is always adding to its catalog. It also has a "back catalog" that includes about 5 years of television, which equates to roughly 2.6 million individual airings.

Cahan told WebProNews that IntoNow has several ideas for monetization and is currently talking with one of the largest television manufacturers about embedding the service into TVs. He also said that we could expect an Android version and a Web application soon.


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