Zubibu Brings tComerce to Living Rooms via Connected TV Apps

written by: Richard Kastelein

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Zubibu.com, more known for its tool for mobile commerce released in 2010, has made a TV play, taking to the big screen by introducing the first ever professional shopping cart solution to smart TVs. It will be initially available on Samsung's platform as a downloadable free application, both for TVs and Blu-Ray players with Internet@TV technology and they are anticipating that their new platform will be a catalyst for transactional television by and enableing online merchants to take a leap to the living room and try this new commerce channel for free.

After installing zubibu@TV app on compatible device the viewers can access a virtual mall consisting of online shops integrated with zubibu service and by using a standard TV remote control it is possible to view catalogues of online shops and add selected products to shopping cart.

During the checkout, the well-known feature of zubibu's mobile shops comes into action - storing address details in the device to simplify future purchases. This helpful improvement saves a lot of time during future transactions regardless of the shop in which the address was initially provided. zubibu@TV supports secure payments with all major credit cards. The entire shopping process does not require any additional hardware, computer keyboard or mouse and can be performed with nothing more than a standard remote control.

The opportunity to present shop's products in zubibu@TV mall will be available without any additional costs to zubibu subscribers with Optimum or Premium packages. Thus, online merchants, who have previously shown interest in ground-breaking e-commerce innovations by launching mobile versions of their shops will have a chance to become pioneers of t-commerce.

Initially, zubibu@TV will be available on Samsung devices with Internet@TV technology. A wide range of compatible TVs and Blu-Ray players can already be purchased in shops around the world. zubibu@TV application will be available at no cost in Samsung Apps in the coming weeks. There will be separate versions of the app for each language supported by zubibu, each of them will present localized set of shops grouped into mall-like structure. Future releases are planned to support smart TVs produced by other major manufacturers, as well as gaming consoles and set top boxes.

zubibu@TV, among nearly 80 other apps from all over Europe, is featured in Samsung Smart TV Challenge. The competition is to identify the most interesting applications using Internet@TV technology. zubibu's competition page presents screens of online shops and interesting short movie about recent innovations in e-commerce titled "e-commerce evolves".

Just last week, zubibu has been featured as the second most interesting Polish startup of 2010 in prestigious report published by the biggest local banking, financial and investment website - Bankier.pl. The ranking is based on opinions of country's most experienced investors and venture capitalists, who rated the quality of idea, design, execution and soundness of business model. The company has already earned several recognitions, for instance audience award during e-nnovation - international e-commerce conference held last September in Poznan, Poland.


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