Internet-Connectable TV Devices to Reach 350 Million Units in Sales by 2015

written by: Richard Kastelein

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Parks Associates' new report forecasts growth in worldwide sales of internet-connectable HDTVs, game consoles, Blue-ray players and digital video players (i.e. Apple TV and Roku) will accumulate fourfold from 2010. Access to premium and user-generated video is a key driver for adoption and use of Internet-connectable devices.

According to Kurt Scherf, VP and principal analyst at Parks Associates, "The market has reached the fourth generation of connected TVs, and all major manufacturers are debuting new models at CES with innovations in content aggregation, apps development, and user interfaces. Content options are finally catching up to the hardware innovations and growing libraries of on-demand movies and TV available are starting to unlock the potential of connected TV devices as multifunction online entertainment and communications platforms."

Consumer demand for online video and on-demand content will drive sales of internet-connectable TV devices, which is expected to reach close to 350 million units worldwide by 2015. In turn, this will set the scene for intense competition among those in the application development field, including third-party developers and giants such as Samsung, Yahoo!, and Google.

Key topics discussed in this report:

•The Connected TV Device Landscape
•Content Driving Connected Consumer Electronics: Video, Music, and Games
•Forecasts for connected TVS, connected Blue-ray Disc Players, digital video players and connected game consoles
•Implications and Recommendations

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