Winners of the €500,000 European Samsung Smart TV Apps Contest Focus on Body, Mind and Community

written by: Richard Kastelein

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Samsung launched the Smart TV Challenge in September 2010 across the United Kingdom, Germany and France, to coincide with the release of the Samsung TV Application software development kit (SDK), which makes it even easier for developers to build and deploy smart TV applications and integrate them across a range of devices and controllers. Aimed at aspiring developers, the European contest drew more than 2,000 developers to register to the site, as entrants competed for a piece of the €500,000 prize pool and the chance to be featured on the Samsung Apps storefront.

"The Samsung Smart TV Challenge is a unique way for Samsung to educate consumers about the Smart TV platform and Samsung Apps storefront, while enabling aspiring developers to make their personal mark on Samsung Smart TVs and take home a generous cash prize," said Mr. Seokpil Kim, President and CEO of Samsung Electronics Europe. "The winning apps in the European contest illustrate the vast potential of the connected TV, and showcase the type of personalization and diversity we intended with our open platform approach."

The apps contest also included an online voting segment, which drew more than 8,500 votes over the two- week voting period. As with the judges‟ choices, the Popular Choice Awards in each region varied widely— from an online shopping application in the United Kingdom to an energy consumption monitor and savings guide in Germany to an avatar management service for a popular online game in France.

The judges‟ panels, which comprised Samsung business leaders and regional media personalities, selected the following first-place winners from each region:

United Kingdom: The Astra Recommends application uses an intelligent recommendation engine to suggest suitable broadcast programs, and allows users to swap program recommendations with friends via Facebook.

France: Askking is a multi-player quiz game that allows users to test their knowledge on regularly updated quizzes, playing either in solo mode or against other players across the globe. Players win points based on their number of right answers and their activity in submitting and moderating questions.

Germany: Yogamour offers various yoga lessons as video-on-demand, helping users keep in shape from the comfort of their own homes.

A full list of the winning European apps from each region is available below and at the Samsung Smart TV Challenge website at Currently, the Samsung Apps storefront offers approximately 400 apps across 120 countries worldwide, and the company expects to aggressively expand its global apps portfolio in 2011. More than 3 million apps have been downloaded globally from the store in less than one year since its launch.


European Smart TV Challenge Winners


App Name

App Description

UK Winners


1st Place



This service provides TV program information by category or genre, and recommends programs based on an intelligent recommendation engine or on recommendations from the user‟s friends. Users may also share their own recommendations via Facebook.





This video-on-demand service provides information on which movies are playing at or coming soon to theaters and DVD, and provides access to movie trailers. Users can choose among nine different languages and 11 European markets.








TV Darts Show!


TV Darts Show! is a fun darts game with a twist. The Arcade mode provides 16 different levels of entertainment for a solo gamer, while the Party Games modey offers seven different party games for countless hours of fierce competition and socialization with family and friends.


Where are my people?

This SNS service can help users keep tabs on family and friends, locating them on a map or showing you their exact address. The app also lets users send text messages to their family and friends, directly from a Samsung smart TV.




This service allows viewers to select shops from a list of supported merchants, then browse and order merchandise directly from a Samsung Smart TV. Orders are processed through a secure payment interface provided by, giving shoppers both convenience and peace of mind.






See description above.

Where are my people?

See description above.



See description above.


France Winners


1st Place




Askking is a multi-player quiz game that allows users to test their knowledge on regularly updated quizzes, playing either in solo mode or against other players across the globe. Players win points based on their number of right answers and their activity in submitting and moderating questions



Cadremploi TV

This service provides video tips for job searching, including resume and interview tips.






This mind-reading game features a "Genie" who asks users a series of 10 questions to try to determine which real or made-up person the user is thinking about. If the Genie guesses wrong, the user can help train the Genie for future play.



This food order service lets users search for restaurants based on zip code and cuisine type and order food through the TV. Users can also check out restaurant ratings from other users.




Sticky App

With this educational app, users can choose characters and "raise" them, including feeding them and providing medical treatment and education. Through the educating mode, users must solve problems to upgrade the characters‟ knowledge, in the subjects of math, chemistry, physics, biology, English, history, French and geology.




Popular choice




This app helps Dofus players (a massively multiplayer online role-playing game, or MMORPG) check their rankings, skills, mood and game items via their Samsung Smart TVs. Players can also access game help and event-related videos through the app.



This job offer search application allows users to not only search job offers, but also apply for some jobs directly through their Samsung Smart TV.



This app analyze users‟ usage patterns and recommend recent
news and TV programs through log-in information.

Germany Winners


1st Place



This video service offers various yoga lessons on-demand, helping users keep in shape from the comfort of their own homes.






This language e-learning service includes English and French at beginning, intermediate and advanced levels. The app offers video- on-demand lectures as well as practice questions.





"Bong.TV‟ allows users to record TV programs and store them on their own webspace. Later, the content can be streamed online via a Smartphone, PC or directly on the TV.



The card game classic MauMau on the big TV-Screen: The players see their hands on the smartphone. By swiping they can put their cards on the card table, which is displayed on the TV.



This app allows users to easily search Wikipedia articles through their
Samsung smart TV.






The concept of this app is to provide a control for the heating system of the home. To regulate the heating system in a more efficient way, the app indicates solar yields and a weather forecast.



This app provides comprehensive information about current films and cinemas in German-speaking countries. In addition, high-quality movie previews are available.


Fly & Coup

This coupon app helps users find specials in their area, without the tedium of flipping through advertisements or mailers. Through the app, users can make a note of a product on their shopping list and synchronize it with their mobile phone.

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