Brightcove and LG Electronics Join to Expand Online Video Distribution

written by: Richard Kastelein

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Brightcove and LG Electronics have announced a partnership to expand online video distribution to LG NetCast™-based Smart TVs via a partnership that will enable more than 2,700 Brightcove customers around the world to extend the reach of their online video initiatives to the living room and provides consumers with new levels of choice and control through access to a range of highly popular video content.

"The partnership between LG and Brightcove opens up a new, global distribution channel to the living room for professional media," said Eric Elia, Brightcove's vice president of TV solutions. "Brightcove customers of all sizes can take advantage of this growing opportunity and expand the reach of some of the world's most highly sought after online video content to millions of LG devices."

"This partnership brings together two market-leading innovators and is the next natural step in providing consumers with instant access to the online content they crave," said Young-jae Seo, vice president of LG Electronics LCD TV Smart TV Team. "We expect to expand our online video distribution capabilities and offer more compelling options to consumers worldwide with Brightcove's unmatched scale and impressive global customer base. The partnership will definitely make LG Smart TVs the go-to devices for video programming."

The LG Smart TV platform provides media companies and brand marketers with an unprecedented opportunity to deliver programming to the living room with control over user experience, programming and important business operations, such as advertising and analytics. Through this partnership, Brightcove and LG will make it easy for Brightcove customers to publish and distribute their video content to the LG Smart TV platform while also giving non-traditional television programmers an easy route to the living room television.

Later this year, Brightcove will introduce a series of tools and support resources to help organizations take advantage of the LG Smart TV platform, including a functionally complete reference application to give customers an advanced starting point for creating immersive LG Smart TV video viewing experiences.

Hat tip to New Teevee for link to Brightcove Blog.

Televisions are the new smartphones

106 million Internet-ready TVs will be sold (and connected) in 2012.

That statistic, from Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster, quoted in Barron’s earlier this month, still blows my mind. The article was bullish on Apple’s financial prospects should it enter the proper TV business and sell an estimated 1.4mm units. But Apple’s shadow hides the bigger story in that article.

Consumer electronics companies, such as our partner LG, are creating the largest global distribution network into the living room. Smart TV, as LG calls their platform, is to the TVs of yore like smartphones are to feature phones. As a result, consumers will have a wider variety of programming available to their TVs. Video programmers of all sizes will have an addressable audience of millions of more viewers. 




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