OverCast - Innovative Mobile Application - Transforms TV Navigation into a Personal and Engaging Experience

written by: Richard Kastelein

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Tel Aviv-based WebTView, a leader in B2B over-the-top video content delivery to connected devices, today announced its new mobile-based product called OverCast, an extension to the WebTView Video Platform.

Today, viewers' content navigation on TV is limited, complex and not personal. According to WebTView, OverCast is the breakthrough in user experience that all of us have been waiting for. OverCast splits user experience into two screens - personalized video content search and sharing done on a smartphone or a tablet, selecting a TV show or a movie and instantly watching it on widescreen TV. OverCast supports paid content as well as ad-based content.

OverCast enables CE vendors, content providers and service providers to seamlessly distribute video content to connected devices such as connected TVs, connected Blu-ray/DVD players, digital media players, STBs and gaming consoles.

OverCast is integrated with WebTView Video Platform, which organizes video content and distributes it to connected devices through its open API.

Key features:

  1. User behavior-based personalized content recommendation and promotion
  2. Support for video on-demand, catch-up TV, linear TV, Internet video and
    local content
  3. Intuitive text and program guide search and filtering of video content
  4. Social interaction with other users - sharing, recommendation,
    commenting, rating, etc.
  5. Targeted advertising
  6. Pay content from mobile device - PPV, subscription, etc.
  7. TV playback control from mobile device

"OverCast will change the way that people interact with their TV", said Gilad Brand, WebTView's VP of Marketing. "Content discovery and sharing is made simple with OverCast on personal mobile devices, while maintaining a lean back TV experience".

Through OverCast, content providers and service providers will be able to extend their reach to new audience without the high cost of integration with numerous connected devices.

CE vendors will be able to offer OverCast as a smart remote control bundled with their products, thus, enable more content on their product with no integration cost.

WebTView will demonstrate OverCast live at:

  • OTTCONF West 2011 in San-Jose, CA during March 1st and 2nd (http://www.xmediaresearch.com/ottcon/).
  • IPTV World Forum 2011 in London during March 23rd and 24th - requires coordination in advance (http://www.iptv-forum.com/).

For more information go here.


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