BONG.TV - Online Video Recorder TV App Coming out on Samsung and Apple Devices

written by: Richard Kastelein

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It's time to add another acronym into the evolving TV lexicon - OVR or Online Video Recorder. BONG.TV, one of the entries in Samsung's European TV App competition is now going live. BONG.TV is a high quality OVR for your TV programs where you can record your favourite broadcasts to your personal webspace (BongSpace). It's another play on TV Everywhere and Anywhere - and it's up to you... watch them online, on the way with your iPhone, download the video files to your PC or Mac or watch your recordings in your living room with your Samsung TV.

BONG.TV is pretty simple with free registration - which gives you a personal online storage space in the cloud and offers generous room for many hours of TV recordings. Since recordings are made directly to the online store of the customer, they can be accessed from different devices including Samsung Smart TVs, or Samsung BluRay DVD players, as well as online via a web app and on Apple devices via a free iOS application.

Upgrades to 10 GB storage space at 4,99 € per month is reasonable and serious TV lovers can choose the BongPack + Pro version with 30 GB for 6.25 euros a month.

BONG.TV worked in cooperation with Germany company ConTV, a company that specialises in TV App development.

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