GetGlue Winning the Social TV Race IN USA? Oscars Check-In: Mercedes-Benz and Academy Awards Backing

written by: Richard Kastelein

Share this Article is reporting that GetGlue has made a huge play for the Oscars 2011, getting Mercedes-Benz and the Academy Awards to back their Oscar-themed stickers in a two screen experience for the massive American event this weekend.

Academy Awards sponsor Mercedes-Benz has struck a deal with GetGlue to provide promotional material with these Oscar stickers. According to GetGlue, the deal marks the first time an event has integrated entertainment check-ins on its website through GetGlue’s widgets, enabling users to access stickers directly through As of Thursday, there were a total of ten Oscar-themed stickers from GetGlue, but there may be additional stickers available on Oscar night if GetGlue finalizes another deal, according to the GetGlue rep.

Clickz interviewed GetGlue PR Manager Claire Gendel:

“It’s another way for the Academy to market the show... [It encourages users to] check in early and it reminds them when the event is.”

According to the GetGlue site, there were nearly 19,000 check-ins for the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards earlier this month.

We’re so excited about our partnerships for the Oscars that we’re tempted to make a 45-second speech thanking our mothers, agents, and high-school drama teachers, but instead, we’ll stick to this blog. GetGlue is partnering with The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences to create stickers for the biggest awards show of the year: The Oscars, airing Sunday night at 8p/5p on ABC. Users who check-in to the 83rd Annual Academy Awards before and during the show through or our apps have the opportunity to earn these A-list stickers.

In the days counting down to the Academy Awards, you can watch a trailer for the show to be hosted by top talent James Franco and Anne Hathaway. You can also choose between the year’s best films such as The King’s Speech, The Fighter, and The Social Network, and check-in with your vote for Best Picture from now until the end of Sunday’s telecast.

The fun begins before the first award is given out, so be sure to watch and check-in to Oscars Red Carpet Live at 7e/4p on ABC. Once Hathaway and Franco make their grand entrance onto the stage at the Kodak Theatre, start checking-in through our apps or our widget on, where you’ll get awesome backstage access to the show. Check-in throughout the show to share your thoughts on the winners and losers.

GetGlue now has 900,000 registered users... up from 700,000 in December. Previous partners include NBC, Fox, HBO, USA, TBS, Discovery, AMC, A&E, Sony Pictures, Warner Bros., Universal Pictures, Lionsgate and DreamWorks. The Social TV company has raised $12 million to date and its backers include Union Square Ventures, RRE Ventures and Time Warner Investments.

Personally, I agree with Somrat Niyogi from Miso who surprisingly noted in the piece:

“No one has figured it out in this space,” Niyogi says. “The check-in is not it.”




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