Study: Smart Connected TVs Expecting Huge Growth

written by: Richard Kastelein

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The Future of Connected TV - Global Connected TV shipments are set to see huge growth over the coming years, according to a recent report from Companies and Markets at a global Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 58.3% between 2009-14. The Asia-Pacific region will be the leading market, with CAGR of over 60% and will represent almost half of global shipments by 2014. Although still a small market, the Middle East and Africa will see the fastest growth over the period.

Over the next few years, Connected TV will become a mainstream consumer technology. Its widespread adoption will not only be disruptive to the entertainment industry; it will also heavily impact the global advertising and marketing industries. 

The battle to win a big slice of the global connected TV pie has already attracted companies which are not traditionally associated with living room TV. Google TV, Yahoo Connected TV, Apple TV and even Microsoft are now all hotly competing for TV viewers in the era of Connected TV.

Global total set top box shipments (including DTT, IPTV, Cable, and Satellite connections) are set to grow from around 177m in 2009 to over 207m in 2014. Global IPTV set top box shipments are expected to grow from 19.4m to 57.5m between 2009-14.

This report also examines the market around the new medium of Connected TV and looks at the role of established TV broadcasters, Internet companies, TV and set top box makers, as well as niche players in the new industry aiming to take market share from the incumbents. It examines the birth pangs of Connected TV and includes detailed analyses of each of the main players' strategies for gaining market share.

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