CNN's TV Everywhere Going To Offer Multiplatform Capabilities To Its Audience

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CNNDuring the conference, CNN Digital General Manager KC Estenson showed off high-quality video and multiplatform capabilities that will enable viewers to watch customized video streams wherever they are and on whichever devices they choose.

The main features:

  • 16×9 format HD-quality video online, with up to 6 Mbps bit rate encoding.
  • Availability on the iPhone, iPad, Google TV-powered connected devices and soon Android mobile phones and tablets.
  • The ability to create personal playlists — in a sense, the ability to create and program a CNN channel based on your own interests.
  • Access to short-form video clips, entire on-demand episodes and live streaming of the shows that are currently on TV.
  • The ability to pause, as well as scrub live video backward and forward.
  • Pause and shut down a stream on one device, such as a PC, and resume watching on another device — like an iPad.

Fastcompany reports:

To access the stream, users will need a television subscription to Comcast, Xfinity, Dish, Cox, or Verizon FIOS--the new initiative arrives at the same time Time Warner Cable launched its own iPad app, allowing users to watch 32 live channels on the tablet. CNN has promised virtually indistinguishable quality between mobile and TV-streamed content (picture below), and from what Fast Company was shown during a live SXSW demo, the quality will likely satisfy most consumers.

As a commodity business with a number of online sources, news is one vertical where serious value can be created through cool technological tricks like those that Estenson shows off in the demo.To monetize news these additions are creating that justification for a large chunk of people.

Will multiplatform (TV Everywhere) concepts be the new viable way of monetizing news?

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