Tweeplayer Synchs Real-time Tweets to Live and Recorded Content

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Startup service TweePlayer, which launched its public beta Tuesday, does something very interesting, it synchronizes archived tweets about a show to non-lineair programming. Here’s a demo page that marries a “Dancing with the Stars” video with tweets about that particular show. You can tweet, as well, which would be seen by others who replay the same event later (but obviously, you can’t respond to each other in real-time).


LostRemote further elaborates:

TweePlayer says it harvests conversations for most major TV shows — using hashtags and algorithms to figure out which tweets are about the show — and it has a growing list of 5,000 events including sports events, conferences and even podcasts.

eHomeUpgrade on the hashtags:

TweePLayer uses AI that tracks a conversation about an event and discovers new parts of the conversation. It dynamically adjusts target keywords to a particular event. “We are constantly adding new layers of intelligent tools to sift through all of the Twitter conversations for not only relevant but higher value parts of the conversation so users won’t be overwhelmed with tens of thousands of relevant but unimportant Tweets. We believe this will lead to a more vibrant and intelligent social media conversation.” said TweePLayer CEO Mick Darling.

When it comes to monetizing the tweet harvester, CEO and founder Mick Darling says there are a few options. Tomorrowish, the startup behind TweePlayer, might provide white box solutions for companies like Hulu, or it might sell premium accounts that include commentary from people like actors and conference keynotes. Darling is also talking with several brands about providing sentiment and engagement analytics for specific television shows.

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