Loyalize Enables TV Apps Through Their White-Label Social TV Apps Solution

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Loyalize has rolled out a white-label solution to create apps for everything from TV shows and live sports to reality TV, it offers tools for brands and content providers to create their own apps for real-time participation around any type of event.

Todd Greene, CEO of Loyalize, tells Lost Remote:

“If a guy gets fouled during a basketball game, you could instantly poll the audience if he’ll make the foul shot. Watching a live political debate? Viewers could click how they feel at any given moment during the speech.” 

VentureBeat continues:

He [Todd Green] said he’s not that excited about social TV, per se — it’s the real-time interactions that interests him. Yes, users can check-in to a TV show. Yet Greene said things get most interesting after the check-in. Loyalize apps can include a number of features, including news feeds, polls, a Smack Talk option that lets sports fans debate about their favorite teams. The apps can also include virtual currency which that users redeem for prizes.

Earlier this month, Loyalize announced a deal to help power Motorola’s new SocialTV Companion Service, which lets viewers engage with their friends on second-screen devices while watching TV. While the app experiences are powered in part by Loyalize, they’re branded Motorola.


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