Samsung Smart TV Offers High Quality Games by Gameloft

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Gameloft and Samsung have collaborated to offer a catalog of 6 games with graphics rendered in 3D. Currently Brain Challenge and TV Show King (which was just released) are currently available as games on the Smart TV but in addition to those,Smart TV owners via the Samsung App will get to play UNO, Lets Golf! 2, Block Breaker Deluxe 2, and Midnight Pool.

Gonzague de Vallois, Senior Vice-President of Publishing at Gameloft said:

"Our goal at Gameloft has always been to make video games accessible to everyone. We're thrilled to extend our library of games to the mass market through Samsung Smart TV. All homes equipped with a Smart TV will be able to access high-quality games with 3D graphics at an affordable price."

Kang-Hyun Kwon, Senior Vice President of Media Solution Center at Samsung Electronics:

"Integrating games such as Let's Golf! 2, UNO and TV Show King will allow us to continue to diversify the applications we offer on Samsung Apps. Gameloft has an excellent reputation in developing digital video games for the mass market. We're pleased to offer our clients a high-quality gaming experience on the Smart TV with Gameloft."

TFTS makes a good point when referring to the challenge of the interface/remote:

Though it’s not a bad idea for either Samsung (or Gameloft for that matter) to provide everything you need all in one convenient platform, there is something of an issue. Games require controls, and so Samsung may need to find itself a new kind of user interface tool–a new remote, if you will–to accommodate the needs that new technology will place on its systems. As great as a normal television remote is, I can’t imagine using it to control a video game–unless of course it’s something like a Wii game. And admittedly, those games described above might do all right with a television remote-style control scheme. So while I do agree with Samsung’s working outside the box, they might need to do a little more developing to fully realize the concept.



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