BeeTV Gets $1.5 Million Funding - Launches iPad App to Socialize TV Viewing

written by: Richard Kastelein

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BeeTV, the app that turns everyday TV watching into a social experience and lets users share their favorite TV moments with friends and others in real-time, today officially announces the launch of their new free iPad application, now available in the iTunes store and on the BeeTV site:

BeeTV's new CEO, Yaniv Solnik, the company's founding CTO and product force, was responsible for driving the change in the company's direction and its entrance into the US market with consumer applications. Supporting the move, Innogest, the leading Venture Capital fund in Italy, topped-off their investment with $1.5 million, to launch this new consumer offering in the US market which leverages the company's existing engine and recommendation technology.

BeeTV is Social TV: Evolved

It's no coincidence that the most watched television event in history (this year's Super Bowl with over 162 million viewers) was also the most tweeted event ever (4,000 tweets per second when the game ended). TV moments are meant to be shared. And, it doesn't matter if it's the Big Brother final, the latest episode of CSI, or a hilarious moment from The Hangover, we all know that it's just not the same when you're watching TV alone. With BeeTV you can share your favorite TV moments with friends and others in real-time, as the action unfolds, so that even when you're by yourself you're not watching alone.


BeeTV connects your TV viewing experience through tablets, the web (and soon iO/S and Android mobile phones), social networks, fan sites, information - in fact, to just about everyone and anything that is related to TV shows and content. With BeeTV, you can experience TV the way it was meant to be: together and:

  • See what your friends are watching right now, including Twitter and your best Facebook friends;
  • Find new friends that like the same TV shows and movies that you do. BeeTV even finds other people who like the same shows as you do;
  • See what TV shows are popular and trending in your area, join in the conversations and see what are the favorite shows of your friends and others;

The BeeTV show matrix on the iPad: see who's watching what and share comments and opinions

  • Go beyond the check-in and chat, message, post & interact with others that are watching the same TV show as you.
  • Get more information about the show you are watching (info, news, fan pages, videos, music tracks, gossip);

See what all your friends are watching and chat to them while the drama unfolds

  • Rate shows and get personalized recommendations for the TV shows you might like to watch;
  • See which of your favorite shows & movies will be aired next and get notifications so you'll never miss a show.

Easily rate shows and check out other recommendations

Says CEO Yaniv Solnik:

"Watching TV is supposed to be fun. And with BeeTV, now you're able to enjoy the TV shows and movies you love with friends even when you're not together. BeeTV creates a real opportunity to interact with friends and others about what you're currently watching, making the TV viewing experience more fun, social and personalized than ever before."

BeeTV is available now for iPad in the iTunes App Store and is also available on the web at BeeTV for the iPhone and Android devices are planned soon.

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