- Anyone Can Publish Their Own TV Channel to Smart Connected TV and the Web

written by: Richard Kastelein

Share this Article ( today officially launches its TV Channel and Web Video Publishing Platform. After 4 years of development, and more than a quarter-of-a-million channels created by test users in 200 countries, WorldTV is now able to demonstrate the service's full complement of video publishing solutions and trademark ease-of-use, that has made it so popular with users worldwide.

WorldTV is a platform that enables any individual or company to create their own TV channel that can appear on the web or TV. A new breed of televisions that connect to the Web are already in the marketplace from manufacturers like Samsung, Sony and Panasonic. As 'connected' or 'smart' TV's become more commonplace, the need for a platform that can publish to these televisions becomes clear. WorldTV is the only self-serve platform dedicated to publishing to TV.

Users create collections of videos curated from websites like YouTube and Vimeo, and can add their own videos to a cloud-based video library. They can publish a full screen web TV channel; traditional TV channels viewable on Smart TV's; and entire video websites from this content. Managing the various outputs is remarkably easy with WorldTV's intuitive interface.

"For too long the world of TV broadcasting has been closed to individuals and businesses. With the new advances in connected, 'smart' TV's, the prospect of anyone being able to readily broadcast their own linear TV channel to the world, is finally becoming a reality," said Alx Klive, Founder and CEO,

The basic WorldTV service is free, additional features are added at low cost through an innovative 'pay per use' model.

WorldTV's official 'v1.0' release includes many improvements - a freshly redesigned look and feel, a raft of new features, and the new in-application payments system described. More details at


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