Philips and Sharp Net TV Apps Usage Results Released

written by: Richard Kastelein

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Broadband TV News is reporting that some 1 million Philips Net TV owners across Europe use their connected TV set three or four times a month, according to Pieter Vervoort, VP Philips Net TV and during March 2011, the main news from the Dutch public broadcaster NOS TV App was requested 50,255 times on the Net TV platform (Philips and Sharp combined) and 33,313 times on the Samsung Internet@TV platform.

But it appears that the Connected Sony PlayStation is by far the most prevalent access point as the news is requested 10,000 times a day, or 300,000 times a month – a figure that is significantly higher than through Connected TV and Blu ray.

Few figures have until now been available on the Net TV platform used by Philips and Smart, which is working on releasing and API and SDK for third party developers according to Jordy Egging, Director of Business Development of Net TV Philips told at the recent Connected TV Summit in London.

Philips recently spun off their TV division into a new, independent venture in tandem with TPV Technology in China. But the brand will remain intact and it's business as usual, added Egging. TPV has traditionally sold computer monitors under its own brand AOC. The Dutch company will effectively give up control of TV manufacturing, but keep a strong stake in the new partnership.

Philips will have no longer have its own TV division but the staff and resources currently involved will be rolled into the new venture from January 2012. No layoffs are planned.



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