People of Lava launches the world’s first open platform for developers to release Android TV-apps

written by: Richard Kastelein

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The Swedish premium maker of hand built televisions, People of Lava, have just launched version 2.0 of their TV Application Market for their Android-TV “Scandinavia” TV. The Application Market is hosted and run by SlideMe – one of the world’s largest Android Application Marketplaces.

People of Lava created quite a stir worldwide one year ago when they launched Scandinavia - the world’s first Android-TV – for the first time enabling users to surf the internet freely, use great Apps like Facebook, Youtube, and Google Maps – and download additional Apps from the first Application Market – all from within the TV.

“The future of TV-applications is here, and we’re making it fast, open and available – for both users and developers” says Mathias Adolfsson, CTO of People of Lava, and continues, “Who knows what the next killer-app will be? Our platform enables any developer with a great App to reach a whole new TV-market, and monetize on it too.” Developers who wish to create Apps for the new TV platform are welcome to visit http://www.developer.

“Communication and entertainment is a three-window scenario” says Mathias Adolfsson, “People will view their portable device while out and about, and maybe a mid-sized device as they move about the house. But the real screen will always be the television – that’s where we meet to see show and share.”

Scandinavia is now available in Sweden and around the world through the People of Lava authorized distribution network, from Hong Kong to Italy, Norway to Russia and many other countries. The Scandinavia is hand built in sizes 42”, 47” and 55” and consumer prices start at €2500.



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