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written by: Richard Kastelein

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Both and have one thing in common - they both tap deeply into social media and your own social graph in order to help filter content that your friends like - as well as helping cherry pick video that fits you own needs.

Matcha pulls in one's video subscriptions to Netflix, Hulu, YouTube as well as Facebook giving relevant recommendations for video content.

Rip Empson from Techcrunch had nothing but good words for - raving about the new service:

Traditional recommendation engines that use collaborative filtering (users who liked “X” movie will like “Y” movie) have been around for awhile now, but results are often generic and superficial, often missing the personalization experience we’ve come to expect. When applied to video, which some would argue is social by nature, recommendations from those we know and trust is almost always preferable.

On the flip side, relying on friends for social recommendations only tells half the story. But with their powers combined, recommendations become more powerful and more personalized. After a year of algorithmic tinkering, Matcha has created a technology that relies both on users social graphs as well as traditional methods to provide a more augmented search and discovery mechanism.

Ryan Lawler from Gigom also had a good look and managed to talk to them:

“We want to be the social gateway to video subscription services and help you make the right decision of what to watch,” Piekarz said.

For now, is focused on the big distributors, so you won’t see recommendations for web originals. Sources include Netflix, Hulu Plus, professional videos on YouTube and Facebook, as well as services like iTunes and Amazon Video on Demand. The idea is to provide one-click access to videos that users may want to watch on any service that they’re available.

Several video recommendation services have popped up over the last several years, and they are increasingly focused on hooking into social networks. Clicker added a social layer by integrating with Facebook to leverage user interests and social graph for its recommendations engine, for instance. And Netflix is reportedly integrating with Facebook to add social features that weren’t well executed through the “Friends” implementation. But with Clicker acquired by CBS Interactive and Sidereel acquired by Rovi, is one of the few independent social recommendation engines left out there.

Mashable covered the release of TV recommendation engine BeeTV who released a new iPad app designed to let users get personalized show recommendations and share what they are watching with their friends.

In a lot of ways, BeeTV is similar to checkin services like GetGlue or Miso, but the difference is BeeTV’s approach is more focused on helping people find new things to watch — or share what they are currently watching — rather than necessarily being about checking into a program.

Users can enter their zip code and select a television provider to get customized updates and recommendations for content to watch now or at a future time. Using Facebook likes and ratings within the BeeTV ecosystem, the recommendations are tailored to the user.

Users can indicate that they plan to watch a future program by tapping a timer icon. They will then receive notification alerts before the program airs. BeeTV HD also lets users check out TV listings for their area, using a convenient link to Zap2it’s TV 



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