TEDx Getsfirst live US event experience in North Carolina from Screach

written by: Richard Kastelein

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Screenreach’s Screach App, which allows two way interactions between a smart device and content on a digital screen, or just within the app, was rolled out at its first live US event last week.

TEDx Chapel Hill in North Carolina was the first live event that Screach has debuted at in America since Screenreach opened its New York office in May. The Screach platform allows two way, real time interactive experiences between a smart device and any content on any screen, or just within the app itself, and was used to allow attendees of the event to participate in multiple option polls.

TEDx Chapel Hill focused on ‘Global Health: What’s Technology Got To Do With It’ and in the true spirit of TED’s ‘ideas worth sharing’, Screach allowed delegates to learn new facts and share their thoughts on some of the event’s most thought-provoking topics.

The audience simply had to enter a unique code into the Screach App on their smart device to access multiple option answers to the questions shown on the huge digital screen at the event. They could then choose the answer that they believed to be correct and watch the results update in real time, allowing them to see what percentage of voters selected which answers and discover which answer was correct, as they interacted with the screen. All users that connected to the app through Facebook could also see their profile image appear on the big screen when they interacted.

The Screach platform experienced almost 300 interactions from the TEDx audience of 400.

David Weinfeld, Screenreach Chief Strategy Officer and head of the New York office said:

“It was great to integrate Screach into a TEDx event. It was wonderful to see so many people's faces pop up on the screen as the questions were posed to the audience. Since the questions we asked came directly from the other speakers and IntraHealth, the experience proved to be fun, engaging, and informative for the whole audience. It gave attendees the ability to interact with the event's subject matter in a way that sparked further learning and discussion.”

TEDx Chapel Hill rounds off a month of live event experiences delivered by Screach, launching the platform’s potential as a leader in live audience engagement. The Microsoft Ubelly Critter Awards used Screach to enable attendees to vote on their favourite nominations from a range of categories celebrating achievements in the computer development industry and view the winners in real time. Thinking Digital Conference, the UK’s leading technology event, used Screach to enable their delegates to vote on their favourite speakers and watch the results update on screen in real time. Delegates also had access an in-app event itinerary and location map. Event organisers are also able to utilise the option to sell products and merchandise within the app.

Live event engagement is the latest of Screach’s triumphs following successful launches in the sports and museum industry after securing deals with Newcastle United Football Club and the National Armouries Museum in Leeds. Screenreach also has plans to launch Screach in the broadcast and retail industries in the near future.

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