Participation TV To Generate $2.9 Billion By 2016

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According to researchers at the Mobile Interactive Group (MIG), a growing "Social Participation TV" trend means that 40% of mobile users already "multi-task" - using their phone while watching TV. In a white paper on the trends and opportunities in participation TV (P-TV) services, MIG believes that it has uncovered key technological and behavioural insights in to the entire P-TV value chain.

Warc reports:

Interactive events conducted via Facebook are also predicted by MIG to generate £32 million (€36 million, $52 million) in the UK by 2012.

Already, Facebook mobile accounts for some 350 million users globally. By 2016, this should equate to revenues of £1.8 billion (€2.05 billion, $2.9 billion) worldwide, MIG indicated.

Barry Houlihan, CEO, Mobile Interactive Group said:

“Social participation TV is a huge opportunity for MIG and our broadcast partners, with mobile featuring as the key enabler and engagement tool. The mobile device is ingrained in our daily lives, and is rapidly becoming a core component in the ability to create an interaction between the viewer and the TV. As a medium, TV continues to be the biggest and best in terms of attracting a large audience; and mass P-TV shows like Big Brother remain the cornerstone for broadcasters in terms of interaction and entertainment, whilst also opening new revenue channels.”


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