New Channels Issued by Ofcom on Freeview Leads to More Questions than Answers

written by: Richard Kastelein

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Curiosity and rumours are trickling around Digital Spy Online over some new licenses that have been issued by Ofcom in the UK to Reach TV for Connect, Stream and Vision. All are listed as data services, and appear to be sub-categorised as follows:

  • Connect: Lifestyle/Health/Cook/Travel
  • Stream: Sport
  • Vision: Foreign Language/Audience

The was very little mentioned at the Reach TV website (before it was quickly taken down according to sleuths at Digital Spy) and that has piqued the interest of the community and the team here at

And there's more... a link to perhaps another lead?

MHEG now on screen...... Looks like some kind of IPTV service???? Web address


The screenshot above begs the question... a World of Channels? On one channel? Where does this lead? More questions than answers right now, but leads to the conclusion that there could be some kind of new MHEG meets IPTV play of sorts going on here - if there's multiple channels on one channel as seems to be indicated by the information culled by the sleuthing efforts of the community at Digital Spy!

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