Yap.tv - First Independent Social TV Developer To Create A Custom-Branded Version Of Its App For The Ipad And Iphone For A Major Network

written by: Richard Kastelein

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The Hollywood Reporter is reporting today that Yap.tv is first independent social TV developer to create a custom-branded version of its app for the iPad and iPhone for a major network - for NBCUniversal’s USA Network.

Yap.tv is to launch a USA-branded app, available in November,  for its shows and fans as it and other channels continue to expand the use of social media to reach and engage viewers and it will be promoted by USA both on the air and elsewhere.

"USA will offer viewers an app to harness and amplify the social buzz around its series," the companies said to the Hollywood Reporter. "Users will also be able to access a dynamic programming guide, view exclusive content, invite friends on Facebook and Twitter to the app as well as chat with other Yap.tv users all through one platform on all Apple mobile devices.

"We are constantly looking for ways to expand our reach and engage our fans not only through rich experiences, but across multiple platforms so that they can access our shows and engage with them wherever they are,” said Jesse Redniss, vp of digital for USA Network. "Yap.tv gives our fans an innovative platform for personalizing their interaction and engaging with content in ways that allow us to continually evolve our social TV experience.”

Yap has venture capital backing from Javelin Venture Partners and Blumberg Capital and is also advised by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak.

This is great news for third party developers working in the TV realm - and hopefully the first of many new collaborations between broadcasters and innovators working on B2B solutions for the Social TV industry.



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