Brands Enter the Social TV Arena - Pepsi, X Factor and GetGlue Team Up with Pepsi Pulse

written by: Richard Kastelein

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Developed by the PepsiCo Beverages Digital Engagement team, Pepsi Pulse is a new visualization tool that allows consumers to follow social conversation during live "THE X FACTOR" shows in the U.S.  Fans on this new platform can chart changes in social conversations around the show in real-time - and Pepsi promised that they will continue to launch more digital applications that bring brand fans closer to TV shows.

For the first time in the Social TV space -  the advertiser is behind the platforms, rather than a network, show or traditional media property. 

GetGlue, a PepsiCo Beverages Digital Labs partner, is bundled into Pepsi Pulse so viewers can also become part of "THE X FACTOR" community by checking in which can help consumers find the next favorite thing by demonstrating what’s trending and what’s popular amongst friends. Consumers that check in to "THE X FACTOR" on GetGlue can earn a special Pepsi sticker.

Adage reports:

Pepsi Pulse and Pepsi Sound Off will provide the "X Factor" faithful a way to interact with each other and the show. It also provides Pepsi with platforms that could be used to cultivate conversations around Super Bowl or the Grammys, for example.

Pepsi Pulse is a digital visualization of conversations about "X Factor." A series of checkmarks with the text "2 people agree with Simon" appear on screen, or a mass of hearts appears with the text "69 people love X Factor." Mouse over the hearts or checkmarks and tweets pop up. The concept was built out in just three weeks, said Andrea Harrison, director-PepsiCo Beverages digital engagement. She said that it's meant to be a qualitative, not a quantitative view of consumer conversations. Pepsi worked with Firstborn on the project.

Pepsi Sound Off, modeled after Twitter, is a place for fans to connect during the show and incorporates a gaming mechanism. Viewers can post comments in a stream, as well as organize streams by popular hashtags. Messages posted on Pepsi Sound Off can also be pushed to Twitter or Facebook. Pepsi is leveraging Gigya's social technology. It also worked with Undercurrent and Huge on the platform.

The site builds loyalty for the show without Fox having to do anything, and Pepsi gets a reputation boost by working with a hit show, embracing social TV and being “an active participant in pop culture,” the Pepsi team says.


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