Shazam Heading Straight Into Social TV Fray with USA Network's Show Covert Affairs

written by: Richard Kastelein

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With $32 million shoved into deep pockets via latest VC Round to tackle Social TV, and the recent appointment of John Sykes, co-founder of MTV Networks, joining the Shazam Board - specifically to help them towards grabbing share of the emerging Social TV market, the UK company has finally come onto the scene with an announcement yesterday. And they are taking the tack of locking down exclusive content to their mobile platform.

They recently announced that Shazam for TV will be featured during the second season of the USA Network’s critically acclaimed spy drama series Covert Affairs. By Shazaming at any point during the show, USA fans will unlock exclusive video and photos from Globe Tracker, a multi-media gallery of on-location content shot by Covert Affairs star Christopher Gorham, who plays agent Auggie Anderson.

The popular show has integrated the Shazam for TV experience to give its viewers an exciting new way to interact with the program and gain access to first-on-mobile content. Shazam for TV is the only way for fans to get this content using their mobile device. Viewers can also download wallpaper for their phone, share their discovery on Facebook and Twitter, Like the Covert Affairs Facebook page, and purchase show merchandise.

“Shazam is excited to continue building on our success with USA programming and deliver a more engaging experience for Covert Affairs fans, letting them discover more about the show they love and share it with their friends,” said Shazam’s EVP Marketing, David Jones. “Now that we offer unlimited tagging for everyone on Android and iOS devices, people can tag all the television they want and interact with the shows they enjoy on the “second screen” – their mobile device – in a way that doesn’t interfere with others who may be watching the television with them.”

Jesse Redniss, VP of Digital for USA Network said:

“Adding this new feature to our hit show enables fans to immerse themselves in the content and engage with the program, giving them access to exclusive clips, images and fun information such as in depth looks at the international locations where we film and the actors who play their favorite characters.”

With the launch of the new series, Shazam also announces a new feature in the App, which allows fans to buy merchandise from the show. Now, thanks to a new partnership with Delivery Agent, the leader in multi-channel commerce for sports and entertainment, Shazam can provide viewers with a single-button purchase experience to buy fashion brands seen in the show or fan gear from the show. When people select the “Shop Covert Affairs!” option in their tag result, they will be taken to the mobile-optimized store for the show that is powered by Delivery Agent, the company that manages commerce for NBC Universal and 40+ other entertainment properties.

Covert Affairs stars Piper Perabo as Annie Walker, a young CIA operative whose exceptional linguistic skills make her invaluable to the Agency. The series also stars Christopher Gorham as Auggie Anderson, Sendhil Ramamurthy as Jai Wilcox, Peter Gallagher as Arthur Campbell, Kari Matchett as Joan Cambell and Anne Dudek as Danielle Brooks. From Universal Cable Productions, Covert Affairs is executive produced by Doug Liman and David Bartis through Hypnotic and written and executive produced by Matt Corman and Chris Ord. The show airs on USA Network on Tuesday nights at 10/9C.

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