ClipSync Launches Moments, Social Interactions Around the Video Moments That Matter

written by: Richard Kastelein

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ClipSync, the pioneer in social TV, is advancing its social TV strategy with the launch of ClipSync Moments, a new application that lets people express themselves and interact with their friends around the video moments that matter most - by allowing them to snip a scene of of video entertainment. Other companies with similar technology include Leanin and SnappyTV, but Clipsync has struck a great deal with EPIX, the Joint Venture Between Paramount, MGM, and Lionsgate, who have committed to socializing its video content using ClipSync Moments.

The technology makes social expression around video possible by giving people easy ways to express, converse, and deepen their passions around a video's best moments. Viewers can now socialize their favorite moments, instead of the entire video, at the click of a button. Another key capability is the snap feature for capturing and editing video images that allow fans to contribute and share their favorite movies or TV shows.


ClipSync Moments also fuels viewer passion by allowing people to create rich conversations that stay attached to the context of the exact video moment. As a result, there finally exists a more enduring, meaningful, and enjoyable way for fans to express their passion for their favorite video content.

The product is the culmination of three years of insight gathered from ClipSync's social TV deployments and collaboration with major network partners to fundamentally address a key limitation in the socialization and conversations around video.

"ClipSync Moments enable our viewers to share the movies and performances they love and discover new favorites," said EPIX Chief Digital Officer Emil Rensing. "EPIX is excited to work with ClipSync to offer new viewing experiences and connect fans to their favorite movies and artists."

Other media partners committed to deploying ClipSync Moments include IFC, Major League Gaming, and RealNetworks.

"ClipSync Moments is fixing today's broken conversation around digital video. We are now able to capture the conversation, self-expression and passion around fans' favorite movie scenes and moments and connect it with their social graph. We know that content needs to be bite-sized and contextual in order to be socialized and shared. ClipSync Moments accomplishes this for movies and television, making it the most captivating social viewing product in the industry," said Itzik Cohen, CEO and co-founder of ClipSync.

By making it easy for viewers to share and interact with content in a fun way, ClipSync Moments increases viewer engagement by nurturing an audience's passion around their favorite videos and entertainment, sparking rich conversations around video, and enabling meaningful self-expression through video. ClipSync Moments is simple to deploy and works on multiple platforms, such as branded partner sites, social networks, and mobile.


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