Call for IBC2012 Innovation Awards Submissions

written by: Richard Kastelein

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Once again, IBC is calling for entries for the most influential and celebrated awards in our industry. The IBC Innovation Awards are unique – and highly valued – because they honour not just technical ingenuity but the way that the technology is used in the real world, bringing real creative and commercial benefits to a project.

They celebrate the partnership between one or more technology suppliers and the end user, working together to create a system that really makes a difference. Certainly that will involve innovative and cutting edge technology, but it will also involve collaboration: working together to achieve the best possible outcome.

There are three IBC Innovation Awards: for the most innovative projects in Content Creation, Content Management and Content Delivery. In addition, there is a fourth, the Judges’ Prize, which may go to one of the category winners or to another project which captures the attention of the international judging panel.

The award itself goes to the end user of the project, but the technology partners are also honoured and benefit tremendously from their association with an award winner. Most nominations come from technology partners, not just because they are proud of the work but because they are keen to demonstrate to their customers how much they value the project and the collaboration.

So in 2011 the winner of the Content Creation award was CNBC in New York, who brought together motion sensing and graphics specialists to allow on-screen presenters to call business charts out of thin air; Content Management went to CNN who amassed a team of technology companies to deliver a workflow to manage 20,000 news clips a week; and DNA in Finland were awarded both the Content Delivery and Judges' Prize for building a digital television transmission network using cellular transmitter locations.

Now is the time to start thinking about your entry. If you have a project which has used technology in an innovative way to give a customer a real edge, creatively, operationally or financially, then tell us about it. It is free to enter and you could find yourself on the red carpet at IBC2012.

Entries should be completed and returned to IBC via the online form by 10 February 2012. After careful consideration of the entries, the judging panel will announce a shortlist in May. Projects on the shortlist receive wide publicity, and each will feature in the IBC Awards Ceremony and in publications around IBC2012. Winners are announced at the ceremony itself, making for an exciting evening.

Before submitting your entry for the IBC2012 Innovation Awards read the guidelines for entries, which will help you understand exactly what the judges are looking for. Good luck!

See who won the IBC2011 Innovation Awards.

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