Silicon Valley VC Start to Smell Second Screen and Social TV (Finally)

written by: Richard Kastelein

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According to inspiring coverage by the Wall St Journal, covering the Appnation III: Show Me The Money conference in San Francisco Wednesday – venture capitalists  are saying never been a better time to start a tech company, or fund one. Especially if it’s improving the TV viewing experience.

And start-ups in the second screen space in the living room tapping into tablets, phones and other devices that allow TV viewers to connect with each other and interact while watching TV shows in real-time–have been attracting investors’ attention lately, according to the report.

David Zilberman, a partner with Comcast Ventures, which established a Silicon Valley office earlier this year to be closer to deal flow, was also particularly focused on innovation in TV, calling it an “untapped” area.

Google Ventures Partner Joe Kraus said TV was a top area of innovation in the next few years.

“I’m very bullish on what’s going on in the TV space,” he said, speaking to a crowd of mostly mobile app developers. “All the set-top box manufacturers are opening up their APIs, which means the future of TV will be very different five years from now than it is today.”

This is great news for players in the space we have been covering for the past two years. And been a long time coming. The living room is ripe for disruption. And there’s 200 billion in global TV ad spend to be tapped into.



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