Social TV Veterans, Monterosa launches play-along game for Endemol’s “The Bank Job”

written by: Richard Kastelein

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On 2nd January, Monterosa’s latest play-along game launches with the new multi platform format “The Bank Job” on Channel 4.

Monterosa was commissioned by creators Remarkable Television, an Endemol company to produce a play-along game for its new quiz game show, building on the multiple award-winning success of The Million Pound Drop Live this year.

As with the Million Pound Drop Live, online players participate in The Bank Job during the live TV show, answering the same questions as the contestants on TV in real time, creating a wealth of valuable audience data in the process, which feeds back into the live show.

With this new Remarkable Television format, the play-along game has a new twist. Online players participate only in the final part of the TV show, when they are given 45 seconds to answer as many general knowledge quiz questions as possible, before the same questions are put to the contestants on TV. The final round then plays out, when online players find out whether they have been able to accumulate more cash than their friends, and the contestants on TV. The game play revolves around the contents of “safe deposit box” which are opened for each question answered correctly.

The play-along game will follow the success of the Head To Head game, which launched earlier this month. Built by Glasgow-based games company, Chunk, players are able to unlock an application form for the show by playing the Head To Head game. The technical platform behind the game, Monterosa 2-Screen Services (M2S2) has now been used to run play-along games for prime time TV shows with most UK broadcasters, and allows hundreds of thousands of online players to engage in sync with a TV show, and for their results to be analysed in seconds and fed back into the show or onto on-screen graphics.

Simon Brickle, Monterosa’s MD says

“We are proud and excited to be working with Endemol and Channel 4 again on The Bank Job – we love the format and are confident it will be a hit, and the play-along game complements it and takes the live 2-Screen experience to a new level”.


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