AccessMyTV Multiscreen Video Management and Distribution Platform Launches at CES

written by: Richard Kastelein

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Access Co., Ltd., a global provider of advanced software technologies to the mobile, beyond-PC and digital TV markets, today announced that it will launch its social video monetization platform AccessMyTV at the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), January 10-13, Las Vegas.

AccessMyTV is an open, multi-screen social video platform for connected devices, which allows for the monetization of free and premium web content, games and apps. The solution leverages the consumption of web video to create new revenue opportunities for content providers, consumer electronics (CE) device manufacturers and service providers. AccessMyTV creates deep consumer engagement and a viral marketing dynamic through the creation of personalized web video channels that can be shared with friends and family via social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. This deep consumer engagement in turn enables AccessMyTV to support highly targeted advertising.

“The platform is the simplest and most powerful route to launching a multi-screen OTT service, giving CE device manufacturers, broadcasters and operators the opportunity to embrace the social TV revolution and create new recurring revenues,” said Dr. Neale Foster, VP of Global Sales IA, ACCESS.

“AccessMyTV makes life easy for operators, allowing them to launch a social TV service with an abundance of content from the word go. The platform operator can further serve the needs of the ever-hungry consumer by providing them with access to free web video, premium content, games and apps.”

Key Features & Benefits

The AccessMyTV platform is offered as a white label service, which can be privately branded and deployed globally on any connected CE device, while delivering low start-up and running costs. At CES ACCESS will announce the partnership of several hardware manufacturers who will be offering the platform through their products.

“AccessMyTV fills the holes that other OTT platforms can’t, overcoming issues of technical device fragmentation and rising to the challenges of multi-screen access to content,” said Kiyo Oishi, Chairman and CEO of ACCESS Europe and ACCESS System Americas. “This is exceptionally powerful when combined with the way in which the platform meets the ever-growing desire of viewers to share video across social networks. Social TV is set to see an exponential rise in popularity over the next year and we believe that AccessMyTV will be at the heart of this.”


About AccessMyTV

AccessMyTV is a comprehensive, IP-centric OTT solution managed by ACCESS that can be privately branded and deployed throughout the world on any connected consumer electronic device including set-top boxes, TVs, mobile devices, tablets and PCs. AccessMyTV resolves the technical fragmentation barriers that impede the delivery of OTT content services to multiple devices and builds upon ACCESS’ experience of powering over 1 billion CE devices. Technical highlights include:

  • Client/Browser independent service layer for maximum flexibility using web standard REST APIs
  • Pre-validated solution available with high performance ACCESS NetFront™ Browser
  • PCs, set-top-boxes (STBs)/Connected TVs, tablets and smartphones can be provisioned with a customised UI or application
  • Highly customizable user interface for service operator branded services
  • Leverages latest standards such as HTML5, HbbTV and OTT web video delivery
  • Existing STBs/Connected TVs with an integrated browser component can be upgraded over-the-air to enhance operators’ current value proposition with an AccessMyTV service offering
  • Consumers can build their own personalized channels from all content available to them (not just a single content provider)
  • Includes a Multi currency, multi platform PCI compliant billing engine to allow secure purchase by Consumers of content from any provider with a single 4 digit PIN
  • Personalization is also available via saved search results and favourites system recommendations and personal recommendations via social networks
  • Dynamically updated as newly added content matches personal channels and favorites criteria
  • AccessMyTV can provide access to regional catch-up TV services (where available) and premium content
  • Open APIs for content ingestion and management, payment/billing platforms, recommendation engines
  • Premium content providers can create subscription, bundled or pay-per-view content offerings and branded destinations that can be accessed via the AccessMyTV UI or application
  • Search results can be utilized to promote premium content and TV portal services
  • Digital Rights Management (DRM) platform-agnostic enabling integration with the widest range of content services

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