Adrise Sees Exponential Growth In Connected TV Advertising

written by: Richard Kastelein

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adRise has become the clear leader in Connected TV advertising, with exponential growth month over month, partnerships with the top five video ad networks, and support for 11 Connected TV platforms. adRise is the first advertising platform for connected devices, allowing advertisers to reach audiences via internet-connected TVs, and content owners to earn TV-like ad revenue, via a real-time bidding exchange.

The company launched advertising partnerships with Tremor Video and Brightroll, and now works with 8 of the top 10 video ad networks.

adRise also supports an industry-leading 11 Connected TV platforms, so content owners can cover the entire fragmented Connected TV ecosystem without choosing just one or two TV platforms. adRise currently runs on: Google TV, Boxee, Western Digital, Roku, Samsung, iOS and Android (tablets and phones), and Yahoo Connected TV. Supported manufacturers include Apple, Sony, Vizio, Toshiba, Samsung and Logitech.

With the top five video ad networks, 11 Connected TV platforms, and also having delivered advertising to over 100 countries, adRise presents a huge opportunity for content owners. Many of them are on track to earn up to hundreds of thousands annually, and adRise currently has several publishers already averaging over $10K per month.


“We’re in the process of integrating our ad solution into more than 150 applications across these 11 platforms,” said Farhad Massoudi, CEO of adRise. “We’ve seen sustained growth month over month since launch, and signed up all the top 5 video ad networks as partners. We’re seeing massive uptick in apps on the content side as well. It’s exciting to see our vision proving itself out so quickly.”

"Combining the branding power of television with the efficiency and targeting of real-time media buying is precisely what we promise all of our clients across every screen. Innovative partners like AdRise help us to deliver on that promise." Brett Wilson, CEO of TubeMogul.

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