CES 2102: Myspace Social TV Here it Comes - Fueled by Justin Timberlake

written by: Richard Kastelein

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Early 2012 will see the long-awaited move of Myspace on to the big screen with an CES-timed announcement by the company, owned partially by Justin Timberlake - to make a hard shift into Social TV.

...will bring you a new way to experience all the shows you love. With a growing line up of broadcast and on-demand programs, Myspace TV puts you in control. Whether you're watching on a TV, laptop, tablet or smartphone, Myspace TV allows you to discover, share and comment on all the programs you and your friends are watching.

Making TV Social

Let's face it, TV is best when shared. From the big game, to the red carpet or just the latest episode of your favorite show, Myspace TV makes TV social. Find out what's hot, what's trending, what your friends are watching or even what your favorite celebrity just commented on. Why just 'watch' TV when you can experience TV? Myspace TV gives you more information about your favorite shows, videos and artists, and provides you real-time engagement with your friends to get you closer to the shows you love.It Starts with Music

With the largest library of music, including more than 42 million songs and over 100,000 videos, Myspace TV begins with music. Launching with a wide range of music channels, we are working hard to add more broadcast and original programming to the line up all the time.


Cory Bergman over at Lost Remote

“... it will be baked into Panasonic VIERA Connect TVs as well as second-screen companion apps” and will let users discover what’s hot, what’s trending, what people (including celebs) are saying about content, what friends are watching and more. Myspace TV will let users discover more information about the shows, videos and artists they are watching and provide real-time engagement. They’re starting out focusing the service on music (wait I thought it was social TV…) but are planning to expand into movies, news, sports and reality channels as well.

Myspace CEO Tim Vanderhook told Lost Remote:

“Myspace was the first successful social network because it allowed individuals to share their interests, listen to music, express their creativity and connect around the things they love. Historically, TV has been a shared experience, as people gathered together to watch their favorite programs. Our belief was that we could enhance the TV experience by increasing viewers’ ability to connect to both content and each other. By partnering with Panasonic, we’re bringing together the content that people love and a social experience in one service: Myspace TV.”



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