CES 2102: Opera Packaging DLNA into SDK For Developers

written by: Richard Kastelein

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Web browser company Opera Software and AwoX, a leading international supplier of Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) solutions, announced today that AwoX DLNA technology, mediaCTRL SDK, is now integrated into the Opera Devices SDK. This solution will enable TV and set-top-box manufacturers to entertain users with easy access to high quality content across different devices.

What is the DLNA, and what does it mean for consumers? The Digital Living Network Alliance is a group of manufacturers who work on standards and solutions for sharing digital content on different consumer devices. For consumers, this means more content on more devices, easier. For instance, they can easily send files from their different networked devices, such as cameras or mobile phones, right to their TVs.

The number of connected devices in homes is growing and users are looking for an easier way to share media among them. With the integration of the AwoX DLNA solution into the Opera Devices SDK, manufacturers can easily explore home networks to discover DLNA-enabled devices. This integration also gives manufacturers an option to use a remote user interface to give users a unified user interface across networked devices.

The Opera Devices SDK allows manufacturers to develop custom browsers based on Opera’s powerful rendering engine. Web browsers, application stores, electronic program guides and other connected TV solutions based on the Opera Devices SDK have been deployed on a wide range of products such as TVs, games consoles, media players and Internet tablets.

The Awox mediaCTRL Software Development Kit provides manufacturers with a complete solution to integrate the next generation of multimedia features in their products. It provides interoperability with thousands of DLNA-certified home devices. Awox mediaCTRL supports the leading platforms and chipsets for all advanced DLNA use and has been deployed in over 40 million devices.

Opera and AwoX are exhibiting at CES 2012 in Las Vegas, January 10-13 in the LVCC. Opera’s meeting room is located in South Hall S2, Lower Level, Number MP26044. AwoX’s booth is located in South Hall 3, Higher Level, Stand Number 31468.


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