The megatrend global CMO Keith Weed of Unilever is watching closely: Move to on-demand world of content

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Unilever was well present at the CES at Las Vegas, the world's second-largest advertiser, brought more than 30 marketing executives the event to immerse themselves in the technologies shaping the way people interact with content and one another.

Watch the video here on Ad Age, where it sat down with global CMO Keith Weed to talk about the impact of connected TVs, the cloud, mobile, computers in cars and the other emerging technologies on Unilever's ad spending plans.

As Ad Age puts it: “The megatrend that Mr. Weed is watching closely: the move to an on-demand world of content and what it will mean for the billions Unilever spends on TV advertising worldwide.”

Mr. Weed said:
"The cloud is important to us because now people can select what they want to view when they want to view it, and as an advertiser there are consequences for that. There might be an opportunity for the brand to be a filter; using Axe, say, to get male programming, or with a beauty brand or food."

Second screen and TV ad spend
Interesting perspective, a brand as filter,  it might only be a matter of time before valuable advertising revenues also move away from the TV and onto the second screen, this is exactly where brands like Unilever can play a role, be it a filter or as another mechanism. Supplementary information in a branded environment, engaging with customers in their environment on their terms. The brand as a platform.

Open Digital Advisory Board
Secondly, Unilever is forming an open Digital Advisory Board, filling it with outside executives to help the company navigate the future. This open approach where executives from elsewhere are being invitied will spur innovativeness.

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