Unmissable: BLN MiM Forum 2012: Chock Full of VC and Industry Leaders

written by: Richard Kastelein

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Now in its second edition, the BLN MiM Forum 2012 will gather over 140 decision makers from adopters of mobile technology, the most disruptive global mobile businesses and the investors backing them to consider real, commercial opportunities in mobile. You will hear from and meet Tesco, ITV, RBS, Telegraph Media Group, FT.com, LivingSocial (and many more!) and learn how they are using mobile now to make money for their businesses. Be quick - there are a limited number of Early Bird tickets available – readers of Agora Media get 20 per cent off using the discount code AgoraMediaregister here. The MiM Forum takes place 22nd March, London.

BLN are running the MiM Award (apply here, deadline 1st March 2012) so if you’re disrupting the mobile space, generating revenue and want to be noticed by our awesome judging panel then you need to enter. It’s free and only takes 5 minutes to complete. But don’t listen to us – listen to Masabi, last year’s MiM Award Winner, and find out how winning helped change their business.

6 reasons why entering the MiM Award 2012 is a very good idea

“For Masabi, winning the BLN MiM Award has been a real boost. In particular winning the award facing such strong competition, and having been judged by a wide range of respected industry experts and investors, has been terrific for the company in terms of raising awareness and building credibility. On the back of this platform, Masabi has continued to generate significant momentum, securing new customers and launching new products. If you want to raise your profile with decision makers in the mobile world, you should definitely enter the MiM Award 2012.” CEO, Masabi

We’re running the MiM Award 2012 (apply here, deadline 1st March 2012). It was a big success last year with 53 fast growing mobile businesses entering and 12 great presentations on the day of the MiM Forum. Entering awards is always a good idea (see post about blantancy) and here are 6 reasons why you sh0uld enter the MiM Award 2012.

1. Build profile. Winning the MiM Award builds your profile in front of some the most influential people in mobile (see MiM Judging Panel)

2. Meet customers, meet investors, meet acquirers. Ah yes, that magic group of people that everyone wants to meet. Being shortlisted means you present your business at the MiM Forum and get to impress and network with potential customers, active investors and people who might want to buy your business.

3. Press. Previous winners of the MiM Award received extensive coverage from our media partners and other members of the press, including mobiThinking, Mobile Marketing Magazine, Agora Media, The Next Women, MoMoLo and many more. That sort of press attention is really difficult to come by.

4. Show your team how awesome you are. Winning the MiM Award lets you demonstrate to your team and employees just how successful you all are – great for motivating.

5. Make your competitors shiver with inadequacy and customers squeal with delight. Winning the MiM Award means you are a trustworthy business to work with.

6. It’s free and only takes 5 minutes to complete the registration process. Click here to learn more and enter.

Congratulations again to Masabi who won the MiM Award in 2011. Check out their winning presentation below:

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