Gruvi Helps Viewers To Quickly Discover And Find What To Watch Next

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Gruvi, a full service marketing and technology company that helps major entertainment brands, is working on the Gruvi movie community to help viewers to choose what to watch next. Last year over 20,000 movies and TV shows were released in the US alone. So how do you easily find what you want to watch while avoiding disappointment?

Offline people frequently rely on the timely recommendation of a friend (90% of purchases are socially influenced - Econsultancy), but how can the industry replicate these interactions online given the ever increasing amount of choice?

This is where Gruvi’s movie community kicks in. It combines the socially-influenced decision making with Facebook’s Open Graph and Facebook’s distribution tools to easily tap into the wisdom of your friends so you can discover, remember, find and share great entertainment experiences wherever you are.

Find the Movie Community Facebook app here.

Broadcasters, for instance, can broaden the influence of their movie-programming by making use of Gruvi through the power of the network and social influence.
But think also about the revenue and monetization opportunities such a community offers. WebTV, VoD etc. can use the community to make sure people find interesting content and that the experience and therefore money they pay is worth it. It’s all about content discovery, experiences made (more) relevant by using contextual information.

With all the data being used to serve the right content to the right person, it will enable broadcasters, content owners and other players to gain deep insight who is watching what content etc. What’s the bigger picture behind the user in order to improve revenue, advertising, programming and portfolio and the relationship with suppliers.
Will be interesting to see how Gruvi’s Movie Community will develop, it’s a great way of expanding visibility and distribution via a P2P manner.

What do you think of Gruvi?

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