More People Willing To Pay For Online Movie And TV Content, According To KPMG

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Viewers are increasingly willing to pay for online streaming services, according to KPMG’s latest Media & Entertainment Barometer. New Media Age reports that “the YouGov-commissioned survey, which examined 2,177 UK adults’ media consumption habits, revealed more than two thirds (64%) of UK consumers are willing to pay for online movies, up from 60% in March 2011. The number of people willing to pay for online TV content also rose to 30% in October 2011, up from 27% year on year.

David Elms, head of media at KPMG said:

“Judging by our survey it seems that new entrants into the UK market have got their timing right. The foundations for online streaming services to be successful appear to be set. Not only is awareness and usage of streaming high, but willingness to pay for content has increased too.”

NMA quotes Elms on the challenges:

“There are, however, barriers, not least the likely cost of set top boxes. What is more, by the end of 2012, everyone in the UK will have digital terrestrial TV, with the choice of between 20 and 30 channels. That’s a lot of free TV. It is possible that the majority of TV households don’t actually need anything more.”

Advanced Television elaborates on additional outcomes of KPMG’s barometer, “KPMG also observed a continued rise in smartphone and tablet ownership. 44 per cent of respondents said they own a smartphone as their main phone (compared to 36 per cent six months ago and 27 per cent in 2010). More than three quarters of respondents (78 per cent) use their smartphones to browse the Internet and over two thirds (67 per cent) are using them for social networking. Tablet usage has more than doubled since September 2010 and owners continue to use tablets for a wide range of activities. This suggests that tablet owners are becoming more familiar and confident using their tablets as well as increased functionality on account of a wider range of available ‘apps’.”

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