HyperTV Provides Second Screen Experience for Sky Italia’s X Factor

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Amongst the many novelties, technological and not, which Sky has introduced in its first “satellite” edition of X Factor, the Dual Screen is innovative and revolutionary in the television arena. The project, has been conducted in collaboration with HyperTV, provider of eXperience Second Screen, the online platform to design and publish user experience synchronized with television shows.

HyperTV is able to create synergy between TV and mobile employing thanks to its event driven platform and to a few bits injected in the audio track of the show. Taken from the press release, Remo Tebaldi, the executive producer of X Factor and Sky said:

“Content technology has always been one of the principal assets for Sky, and this interesting test is a further proof. We are amazed with the results and the comments we received by our subscribers, and are considering how to apply this experience to other contents. We thank Hyper TV for all the efforts put towards making this important test happen.”

Claudio Vaccarella CEO of Hypertv said: “

The experience we had with Sky on a program of great success and popularity such as “X Factor” has been ideal to test all the functionalities of the system, but especially a fundamental step to understand the expectations and the needs of the audience out there. We are grateful to Sky for the valuable opportunity which has been offered to us.”

Have a look here for an overview of the platform. In this article you'll read how CEO Vaccarella sees these kinds of platforms evolve in relation to the increasing digitized society.



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