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written by: Richard Kastelein

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Share movie trailers you see on the big screen

MoviePal is a new free app that lets you capture and share movie trailers. When you see a movie trailer in the theater, on TV, or on your computer, MoviePal can identify what you're watching, so you can share the trailer you just saw.

MoviePal uses audio recognition technology (Audio Fingerprinting) to identify what movie trailer you’re watching. When you tag a movie trailer, MoviePal listens to what you’re watching for a few seconds, analyzes it, and then sends it to our servers where it is identified from our database of movie trailers. MoviePal then shows you information on the movie you tagged and lets you share that with your friends, even if they don’t have the app, through text messaging, e-mail, Facebook, and Twitter.

You can use MoviePal to tag trailers in theaters as well as movie ads you see on TV!

Venturebeat writes:

Startup incubator YouWeb has launched a new iPhone app called MoviePal that lets you identify and find trailers on the web while sitting in a movie theater.

The app is aimed at creating a social experience around watching, capturing, and sharing movie trailers. MoviePal lets you identify a movie trailer, much like the Shazam app helps you recognize songs that are playing.

...The app is the latest project to come out of Burlingame, Calif.-based YouWeb, which has created numerous social startups including CrowdStar, Sibblingz, OpenFeint, iSwifter and Pluto Games. OpenFeint was acquired for $104 million. MoviePal is the first incubation that has nothing to do with games.

Natan Edelsberg from Lost Remote comments:

Social-savvy TV junkies usually scoff at the idea of watching commercials. DVRs, Netflix, iTunes and the on-demand culture have made TV commercials for much scripted content, irrelevant. There is an exception though when it comes to movie trailers. Trailer and film junkies get hooked up Apple’s trailer site but those who fall into the genre of of, I watch insane amounts of TV but rarely see movies (like myself), coming across a trailer that entices me on TV can get me to get off the couch.

The obvious thing to do after seeing a trailer is to Google it for more information but often it takes way too many clicks to get to the showtimes you want, the list of characters you want to see or the music that was in the background of the trailer. Now there’s an app that makes this whole process easier. Meet a Shazam/IntoNow for trailers, meet YouWeb’s MoviePal.

Keep up with movies you want to see

How often have you seen a trailer for a movie and then completely forgotten about it? When you tag movie trailers, MoviePal will remind you when movies you like come out in the theaters. You can also discover new movies and what movies are playing in the theater right now.


  • Capture and tag movie trailers you see on TV and in the theater
  • Watch movie trailers on your device
  • Get reminders when movies you tag are released
  • Share movie trailers with friends
  • See what movies are playing in the theater

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