Turner Moving to Audio Fingerprinting Apps For Second Screen Engagement on Tablets

written by: Richard Kastelein

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Adweek is reporting that Turner Broadcast late night show Conan is getting its own audio fingerprinted tablet app which will deliver companion content and ads during the airing of the show:

As part of a major push by Turner’s entertainment networks to embrace second-screen viewing and smart TVs

Using audio recognition technology similar to that employed by the popular smartphone app Shazam, each episode of Conan will be fingerprinted. As a result, users of the new Conan app (which is being sponsored by AT&T) will be periodically greeted with pop-ups within the app featuring information relevant to the show, such as facts about a guest’s movie career.

And soon enough, viewers will be able to buy tickets to those guests’ movies via the app. At a mini conference centered on media convergence held at the Time Warner Center in New York on Monday, Turner executives showed a mock-up of potential Conan commerce integration. During a demo clip, as actress Ellie Kemper of Bridesmaids sat down with host Conan O'Brien, viewers were prompted to purchase tickets to the movie via the Conan app.

Turner is planning to introduce companion content and eventually ad messages to more than just Conan eventually and will include a slew of its shows.


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