Report - Connected Device Video Viewing Doubles From Q3 to Q4 2011

written by: Richard Kastelein

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Ooyala, a leading provider of digital video technology, analytics and services today published its Q4 2011 Video Index report revealing insights into video viewing behavior and engagement across the web, smartphones, tablets, social networks and connected TVs. Each quarter Ooyala provides key insights and trends based on the viewing habits of its more than 100 million viewers every month, to help publishers better understand audiences, increase viewership and earn more revenue with online video.


The Video Index report is available in English, French, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish to support Ooyala's broad customer base. Key highlights from the report include:

  1. Video plays on tablets, mobile devices and connected TVs nearly doubled in Q4 2011 over Q3 2011
  2. Both iPhone — boosted by the iPhone 4S release in October — and Android grew rapidly quarter-over-quarter in terms of videos played and hours watched
  3. Facebook users on average share ten times more video than Twitter users
  4. Video plays on Google TV grew 91% in Q4 2011 over Q3 2011
  5. Tablet viewers continue to be far more engaged than desktop viewers — they were 45% more likely to complete at least 75% of videos played, a reliable measure of engagement
  6. Q4 viewers were more than twice as likely to complete a video when watching on a connected TV device than when watching on a desktop.
  7. Q4 data suggests that copying and pasting a video URL is a more common way of sharing than Tweeting.
  8. People are watching longer on their tablets: they watched 21.9% longer per video in Q4 than in Q3.

"The dramatically increased engagement with IP-delivered video creates opportunities on a massive scale for publishers and brand marketers," said Bismarck Lepe, co-founder and president of products for Ooyala. "Understanding the changing dynamics of multi-device video consumption is key to delivering a more personalized experience for consumers while creating new revenue streams and growing audiences. Ooyala unlocks this knowledge in a way that is highly actionable and mission-critical to our customers' success."

Ooyala's video analytics technology measures viewer engagement in real time and they analyze conversion rates (the ratio of video displays to video plays), video completion rates, social sharing events and a bevy of other key metrics and variables. When combined with data delineating device type and geography, these metrics increase understanding of viewer behavior and their data suggests that viewers are watching more videos online—they're clicking "play" at a higher rate and watching longer per video play. The average conversion rate across all devices, for instance, increased from 35.1% in Q3 to 39.6% in Q4. Moreover, viewers in Q4 watched longer on all devices, as shown in these charts.




Ooyala hosts one of the world's largest video analytics data stores, receiving over 1 billion daily analytics "pings," or data queries across more than 110 countries each month. Nearly one in three U.S. online video viewers use an Ooyala player. Over a hundred million people worldwide tune into Ooyala-powered video to watch movies, news, live product launches, fashion shows, events such as The Grammys, The Australian Open and English Premier League football and much more. Ooyala technology measures many aspects of viewer engagement in real time so publishers can act quickly on trending information to maximize revenue via advertising, pay-per-view transactions, subscriptions, and in the case of brand marketers, increased product sales.

"While people are still watching much more traditional TV than streaming video, our data shows we're on a clear and irreversible course toward an IP-delivered future," continued Lepe. "For example, looking at non-desktop video views, Q4 was the second straight quarter of nearly one hundred percent growth. The Video Index also shows people are far more engaged on tablets, which are closer to TVs than they are to smartphones when it comes to viewing behavior."

The complete Video Index report includes insights into topics that are top of mind to video publishers and brand marketers such as video uptake on connected TV devices and gaming consoles, iOS and Android mobile video consumption, annualized growth projections for IPTV, geographic distribution of online video consumers and more. Additionally, Ooyala shares frequent statistical updates and online video insights on a regular basis on its VideoMind blog.

Ooyala analyzes conversion rates, video completion rates, social sharing events and hundreds of other key metrics across various web and device platforms and geographies. The quarterly Video Index report is a sampling of the types of in-depth findings that Ooyala customers can access in real time to improve their online video business.

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