Report: Futurescape strategy reports on the future of television

written by: Richard Kastelein

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How are Facebook and Twitter transforming TV's business models?

In 2012, the television industry is poised on the edge of a social revolution. How one billion TV viewers liking and tweeting will impact
TV ratings, ad spend and ARPU - globally
  • Facebook, Twitter and a host of startups confront television worldwide with new opportunities and threats
  • The social networks are reshaping TV audience behaviour, consumption and business models
  • Viewers are interacting with television on second screens. Shipments of smart TV sets with social apps are rising fast

What are the key issues in Social TV?

Social networks: television's partner-competitors
Twitter and Facebook both claim to be ideal partners for TV companies. Yet they are battling for $196bn in worldwide TV ad spend and will impact the $236bn global pay-TV market. How far do their interests coincide with television's?

The future is social
Broadcasters are developing sophisticated Social TV integration. They aim to drive viewer tune-in, engagement and loyalty to boost ratings, live viewing and ad revenue. However, they are also discovering Social TV's challenges.

Advertisers seek innovative Social TV shows and ads
Major brands want Social TV shows and engaging ad formats for innovative advertising opportunities. Who can deliver the goods?

Will pay-TV viewers share programming and raise operators' ARPU?
Pay-TV operators envisage a Social TV future where subscribers recommend content to each other, boosting ARPU. Yet they face serious challenges from rival companies and strategies.

New formats for viewer engagement and transactions
Producers are developing new formats that incorporate viewer participation and paid transactions. As in any experimentation, success will be mixed with failure.

Follow the money into Social TV startups
Major media and tech companies such as BSkyB, Hearst, Time Warner and Google are pumping tens of millions of dollars into Social TV startups. How is this investment surge shaping the future of television?

Adobe_pdf_icon_small Download Table of Contents and Sample Pages PDF

180 pages of analysis, including 27 tables and figures. An appendix has 80 Social TV colour screenshots. Published February 2012.

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