mPortal Provides Easier Leap Into TV Everywhere With Springboard Media Platform

written by: Richard Kastelein

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mPortal Inc., a global leader in connected device experiences across mobile, tablet and connected TV platforms, today announces the launch of its SPRINGBOARD Media product. SPRINGBOARD Media builds on mPortal’s already robust SPRINGBOARD platform to enable cable companies, television programmers and content owners to cost-effectively expand their video presence to all connected devices.

As ‘TV Everywhere’ initiatives increasingly move to the forefront of cable operators’ and television programmers’ priorities, expansion of their presence on connected devices, such as tables and mobile phones, becomes a must to maintain customer loyalty and preserve their brand. The creation and maintenance of applications across all connected devices has proved to be a costly and time-consuming endeavor. Current approaches either restrict app functionality to the basics, which compromises the user experience, engagement and adoption – or limit the number of devices supported, which limits the audience reach.

SPRINGBOARD Media is a cloud-based platform that leverages mPortal’s mobile expertise to fast-track TV Everywhere initiatives across connected devices. The product can quickly deliver compelling and engaging user experiences across a diverging set of devices while consistently maintaining the operators’ or programmers’ brand and identity.

“The plethora of connected devices available today are fueling a radical change in how consumers watch video and how content owners and distributors monetize it,” said D.P. Venkatesh, CEO of mPortal. “Our experience working with cable operators, media companies, and wireless carriers over the past decade enables us to build products like SPRINGBOARD Media, that facilitate next generation user experiences and help our customers thrive in this ever-changing environment.”

SPRINGBOARD Media’s key features include:

  • Support for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and connected devices that support HTML5.
  • Automatic detection of the device type and delivery of the optimal user experience for it.
  • Integration with social media to enable viewing and sharing information as well as personalized recommendations based on social graphs.
  • Authentication and entitlement methods to allow various business and partnership models.
  • Video bin that allows consumers to tracks video favorites and playback progress to continue exactly where they left off on another device.
  • Display of multi-channel Program Guide (EPG) to enable content discovery.
  • Integration with third-party content providers to pull in value-add content.
  • DVR integration for recording programs at home (subject to operator’s agreement).
  • Advertising integration from a single or multiple third-party advertising networks.
  • Data, metrics, and reporting on subscriber usage patterns within & outside the app.

SPRINGBOARD Media expands the reach to the most viewers via fast deployment to new connected devices, provides new channels for monetization and cross-promotion across all connected devices and collects device and in-app analytics to understand user behavior and optimize strategy.

To learn more about SPRINGBOARD Media or request a demo please visit this link: or to see it live at the 2012 NAB Show visit this link: Additionally, for regular updates on mPortal news and industry insights please visit, The Connected Experience, mPortal’s blog.


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