Startup Oohly Ties Products Displayed In Entertainment Video To Internet Retail Conversion

written by: Richard Kastelein

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Oohly LLC has annouced that it is entering discussions with major entertainment video content producers to provide its patent pending platform creating a direct simultaneous link between products displayed in entertainment video and internet retail conversion.

Soon, television and movie viewers will select their favorite programs and movies on their television or computer… see clothing, accessories, furniture or other props worn or used by media personalities… click the remote or the mouse or touch the screen of their secondary device and learn about or purchase the item without even pausing the program they are watching, if they so desire.

The Oohly platform keeps the value of program content with the content producers and does not fragment their markets. It addresses and resolves product placement issues, and it does not raise privacy concerns with individual users.

Oohly will make the products placed or embedded in broadcast video entertainment media immediately and directly available to the viewer via the smart, or internet enabled television interface that is now increasingly coming into use.

Vendor links will be accessible simultaneously during the program, in pause mode or while the program continues, directly from their web pages. A database of the products will be available for further research and commercial access. Entertainment is the business of content producers – Oohly makes retail research and conversion entertaining while keeping the marketing value of the content with the content producers.

Access of the platform will be virtually cost free for content producers, and Oohly will provide tools to make it easy for them to collect, download, and transmit the necessary data to support the process and build the database, while eliminating any need to modify script, action or camera angles, thereby improving viewer experience and enjoyment.

The content producers will experience no cannibalization of current broadcast product placement and conventional television advertising revenue.

Finally, Oohly will provide a quasi- independent entity to establish and maintain disclosure, trust and transparency to ensure the continued effectiveness of the platform.

Oohly is the platform providing a direct simultaneous link between products displayed in entertainment video and internet retail conversion; and as such, represents the ultimate marketing opportunity for entertainment video content producers.

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