iFood.tv TV Apps Coming Soon To a Telly Near You

written by: Richard Kastelein

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According to Kevin Fitchard at Gigaom, iFood.tv is making the move to both bigger and smaller screens. This week, it plans to launch TV apps for the Boxee, Google, Roku and Yahoo connected TV platforms – after launching its first Android app last week.

Five years after launch, iFood.tv has built up a sizable library of 25,000 cooking and recipe videos supplied by partners and the site’s own users, who now account for 4 million unique viewers a month. iFood.tv has tried to set itself apart from the big food and cooking brands that rule cable TV by approaching food content as educational rather entertainment, said company co-founder Vikrant Mathur. iFood.tv wants people to come to its site to learn how to poach an egg or whisk cream into soft peaks, rather than watch pre-programmed cooking shows.

But now the cooking site appears ready to step onto the Food Network’s and the Cooking Channel’s turf, moving from the kitchen and office into the living room where entertainment reigns. iFood.tv is making its content more coach-potato friendly by curating its video library and creating its own ‘channels’ of content – for instance channels devoted to wine or Mexican food. But Mathur said the connected TV apps are still aimed at iFood.tv’s core viewers. While some viewers may click on the wine channel, sit back and take a tour of a winery, many more will be looking for ideas about how to pair wines with their coming meals.

“The connected TV space is fundamentally changing the way people are consuming media,” Mathur said. “Long-tail content is being accentuated.”

ifood.tv is a place to make friends, chat about food, learn about cooking traditions and satisfy one's culinary curiosity. Originally founded by a couple of foodies, they have now grown into a site with over 4 million unique visitors a month coming from 227 different countries!

On ifood.tv, you can:

  1. Browse a vast collection of yummilicious recipes. There is over 150,000 of them!
  2. Watch over 25,000 cooking videos. That’s the largest collection on the internet!
  3. Get helpful tips and information from over 10,000 blogs and how-to guides.
  4. Find other users with similar culinary tastes through Tastemates feature.
  5. Browse thousands of food photos and galleries.
  6. Seek answers to burning questions in our Q&A section.
  7. Regularly showcase videos on our homepage by becoming a Featured Partner



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